Summer Training Report on Delhi Transco Limited

The main purpose of this SRS document is to illustrate the requirements of the project Student information System and is intended to help any organization to maintain and manage its student’s personal data. 1. 2 Scope : Without a Student information System, managing and maintaining the details of the student is a tedious Job for any organization. Student Information system will store ll the details of the students including their background information, educational qualifications, personal details and all the information related to their resume .

Login module: Login module will help in authentication of user accounts .

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1Jsers who have valid login id and password can only login into their respective accounts. Search module: Suppose there are hundreds of students and from this we have to search a particular student and we know the name of the student . ln manual system it is a tedious task though we know the name of the student, but using this module e can easily search the student by specifying the name of the student in the search criteria.

Thus this module will help the administrator in searching the student with various criteria easily. Registration Module and Account Management: This module will help the student get registered from anywhere if internet is present .

This module will really simplify the task of on paper registration. Also after successful registration the user can update information and change their password as and when required. User Management: This module will help the administrator n enabling/disabling a user account and updating user information as required.

Purpose of project is to maintain details of the students such as storing information about: Student id Student password Student name student DOB Student maili 1. 3 Gender nga ddress Registration date Student status Contact no Qualification City Resume Image Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations : Personal details: Details of student such as user id, phone number, address, image, resume, e-mail address etc. Contact details: Details of contact associated with the student.