Summer Interrnship Report

JM Financial & JM FICS sponsored one of India’s first private sector mutual fund viz.

JM mutual fund, JM financial mutual fund made a simultaneous launch of three open ended funds in December, 1994. The trustee of this fund is JM Financial Asset Management Pvt. Ltd. JM Financial Group subsequently entered into in equity partnership with Morgan Stanley in 1999. Morgan Staley is one of the world’s leading financial service firms with approximately 45,000 employees in 390 offices across 23 countries worldwide. Morgan Stanley has a presence is almost every financial market.

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The partnership led to setting up of two Joint venture companies, JM Morgan Stanley Private Limited, with interest in the area of investment banking, retail distribution, private wealth management and fixed income securities and JM Morgan Stanley Securities Private Limited with operations in institutional equity sales and trading. While JM Financial holds 51% of JM Morgan Stanley private limited with 49% being eld by Morgan Stanley. JM Morgan Stanley private limited operates in the area of retail distribution and fixed income sales & trading through two wholly owned subsidiaries viz. JM Morgan Stanley Financial Service Private Limited and JM Morgan Stanley Fixed Income Securities Private Limited. JM Financial Limited has approved the merger of JM Securities Private Limited, a JM Financial group of company itself. This merger is subject to satisfactory receipts of all statutory, regulatory, corporate and other approvals as may be required, including but not limited to, approval of relevant high court, Reserve Bank of India, Stock Exchange, Securities Exchange Board of India, and share holders.

After the proposed merger JM Financial will expand its interest in equity broking, investment banking, retail & fixed income broking, asset management, commodities broking and equity financing business. JM Financial group is an integrated financial service group offering the entire range of financial services to its corporate and individual client like Investment banking New offer document Investment Advisory Services Fixed Income Broking Assent Management Commodities Broking VISION STATEMENT “To be the most trusted partner for every stakeholder in the financial world.