Summer Vacation

It is a well known fact that over summer vacation students lose up to 75% of what they learned during the school year. This Is a major problem because teachers has to spend most of the beginning part of the school year reviewing what was covered the year before because the students for forget this material over time. This tough problem has a very simple and easy solution. Cutting the length of summer break would solve most of this problem. If the length of summer break was cut, students wouldn’t forget as much material and teachers wouldn’t have to waste as much time reviewing material.

This could help students advance their education and be more prepared for college and future jobs. It would bring up the rate of education, which in turn would reduce poverty levels. More educated people could come up with more jobs for people which would improve the economy. An improved economy could lead to the solution of many more issues. We could reduce pollution and create cleaner cars and transportation.

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I would reduce summer vacation to four weeks so as to give students enough time to recover and relax from the previous school year, but not enough for them to completely forget their previous lessons. Most students are bored of summer by the time school comes around so it wouldn’t be too much of a tragedy to lose a few weeks. I would replace the vacation lost during summer break with extra vacation days added during the school year. These would let students would let students have a break so that they do not burn out, but at the same time not letting them forget too much of the education. They would lose much less information then they otherwise would over summer break.

Parents would support this idea because their children are getting a better quality education; they are going to have a better possibility at a bright future, and the fact that the parents don’t have to drive the students around all summer. They would want their children to remember as much information as possible to succeed in whatever they choose to do with their lives. The student however may oppose to the idea of cutting the longest break of the year short. They would say that it is their only real time away from the stress of school and the only time to enjoy their childhood before they grow up and have responsibilities even when they are on vacation. They would say that they want as much time as possible to enjoy themselves.

In response to this I would say that it doesn’t help them in the long run if they lose most of what they learned because of summer break. Overall I would say that there are both upsides and down sides to cutting summer vacation in place of shorter breaks throughout the year, but I would also say that the positives vastly outweigh the negatives. Isn’t saving the planet more important than just hanging out with friends over break?