Summer Vacation Narrative Essay

Almost every student looks forward to summer vacation. But is it really that great? Of course there are some really great things about summer, such as not being bombarded by schoolwork. But students also complain about being bored in the summer. And then there’s the scorching heat we have to deal with.

Is summer vacation something to yearn for and think about during the last few weeks of school? During the summer, students are gifted with an immense amount of free time. They don’t have to deal with schoolwork except for a few meager projects that are due in the first few weeks of school. Students can use the free time they have to do whatever they enjoy such as hanging out with friends, playing sports, or going on vacations with your family and friends. The best thing about summer is all the free time that students are given possession of. Having so much free time can be a curse though; students will most likely run out of things to do, and eventually they will run into that brick wall called boredom. On Facebook, you can see everyone complaining about being bored. In school, students see their friends and talk to them everyday but in the summer they don’t. Most students don’t think about school as a social place, they think of it as a place where they have to do a lot of work and study hard. When summer vacation has almost ended, people say that they are excited to begin school again. Basically, after a month or so into summer, students realize that they are extremely bored now that they don’t have to go to school.

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Summer means heat. Some people love it, and some don’t. Eventually people will complain about how hot it is. People go swimming to cool off from the heat and some people simply stay inside their homes all day if they have air conditioning to stay away from the heat. During school, the hot weather isn’t as extreme and some classrooms such as the computer labs even have air conditioning.

The schoolwork can also distracts students from thinking about the heat during the last few weeks of school, when the temperature starts rising into the 80’s and 90’s. Some students look forward to summer, but they don’t like extremely hot weather, and so they suffer during the summer. So what do you think? Do you still look forward to summer vacation, now that I have made you think about it? Sure, the summer is great and all, with no schoolwork and stress caused by studying. But you also lose the sight of your friends everyday and you get bored easily with the excess of free time. You also have to suffer in the heat during those extremely hot days of the summer. So if you think about it, summer vacation can be a great thing if you can occupy yourself with several things to keep you busy, or a period of extreme boredom for those who can’t find enough things to do.