Superman vs. Batman

Does not require oxygen… does not need to eat….

he does not even need to sleep… he can fly at the speed of light… he could take down any other superhero… his name is Superman. Superman was born on the planet Krypton.

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, his real name is Clark Kent. Then, when he was a little infant he was sent by his father to Earth just before his planet blew up. On Earth is where he got to power to fly at the speed of light, have x-ray vision, the ability to heal quickly and many more superpowers. Superman would win in a battle with anyone he came across because he has super strength, supervision, and he has the ability to live forever and heal super quickly. First, Superman has incredible strength that can help him beat any other superhero he is encountered with in a battle.

After Superman was flown to Earth by his dad he gained the power of super strength. His superpowers came from the yellow rays from the sun. These rays from the sun made Superman extremely strong, but he can only maintain that strength, “if he is consistently to Earth’s sunlight” (Superman 1). This means that if Superman was out of the sunlight too long he would lose his super strength.As long as he is exposed to the rays he will continue to be extremely strong.

Others do not even know what they are up to when in a fight with Superman. The text states, “The exact limits of Superman’s strength is unknown, but he is capable lifting far in excess of 100 tons” (Superman 1). This shows how Superman’s super strength could help him win in any battle. If Superman was in a battle with any other superheroes, he would win because of his super strength. Next, “Superman also possesses a superior sensory arrangement of visual capabilities” (Superman 1).

This illustrates that Superman has incredible super vision that can help him see anything, he can see x-rays, heat, the electromagnetic spectrum, long distances, and very small objects. Having these abilities to see many different things will give Superman an advantage in a battle he is in. Not only can he see great distances, and see rays that others can not, he also have the ability to blow wind to make a hurricane. The text states, “Superman can create hurricane force winds by blowing, and also chill his breath to freeze a target. He can also breathe in large amounts of air to dispel clouds of gas by exhaling it” (Superman 1). This reveals that when Superman is in a battle he can win because of the chaos he can create.

Then, the last thing that will help Superman in a battle is the ability to live forever. The text states, “Superman can live almost indefinitely if he resides under continuous exposure of Earth’s sunlight” (Superman 1). This means that as long as Superman stays in contact with the sun’s rays he will have the ability to live forever. Even in the toughest battles, he can live through them. He also can heal very quickly if anything were to happen to him. The text states, “Superman has been shown to have an accelerated “healing factor” enabling him to heal almost instantaneously from most wounds” (Superman 1).

This exemplifies that in a battle Superman would be the superhero that would win because he can heal instantly, and live forever. He can also heal and live in the toughest circumstances. Others might say that Batman would win in a battle against Superman any time. The opposers say this because Batman does not have any superhuman powers. However, they are wrong. Superman’s many super powers could take down Batman any day.

The text states, “He has shown incredible intelligence and computational abilities; his mind works sharply and with extreme speed relative to earth-humans” (Superman 2). This proves that with Superman’s many superpowers he could take down Batman any day. As a result, if Batman and Superman were in a battle Superman would beat Batman because Batman has no superhuman powers and Superman has many powers. In conclusion, if Superman were to ever encounter another superhero, he would win. He would win because he is super strong, Superman has supervision, and he has the ability to live forever and heal quickly.

Even though his greatest weakness is kryptonite he still has to power to beat any superhero. These superpowers would give Superman an advantage in a fight. This is why Superman is the biggest contender of all the other superheroes.