Batman Analysis

With the humble beginning of various six and seven minute short clips to the involvement and creation of long two-hour movies, Tim Burton has been entertaining people for his whole life.

Many people believe Tim Burton to be one of the greatest and twisted directors in the world today.Burton, being inspired by the great poet, Edgar Allan Poe and the character Vincent Price, was captivated by the text and tone of dark short story and pictures.Following this, Burton began to create many of his own works such as his short picture “Vincent”, to his amazing superhero film series known as Batman.Through observation, viewers can see how Tim Burton uses imagery in lighting, framing, camera angles, and music and sound to control and offer the overall mood and tone of the scene found in the 1989 superhero blockbuster , Batman. Director Tim Burton, uses the works of lighting to create fear and suspense in the viewers during the scene following Bruce Wayne’s origins in the 1989 version of Batman.In this scene, the director uses a more very low lighting and also a foggy a mixed lighting representation when showing this scene.

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When Bruce Wayne and his parents, Martha and Thomas Wayne, are leaving through the alley way, they feel the presence of being followed (Batman) The low lighting made the shadows of their followers show and create an endeavoring suspense to prolong the ending.Also, by using the low lighting, this allows viewers to create imagery about what the setting is since the picture doesn’t give as much detail.Another example would be later in the scene when Bruce Wayne is sitting alone in the alley with the corpse of his mother and father (Batman). By using the low lighting, this causes fear in the viewers to allow them to feel the fear that young Bruce is feeling after watching this horrifying act and actually “step into the shoes” of the main character.Through observation, this explains thoroughly how Tim Burton uses low lighting to create fear and suspensein his viewers.

Following the dark lighting that Burton brings to Batman (Burton,1989), viewers are also met with the imagery and suspense that the camera angles and framing create.After leaving the movie theater, the camera shows a picture frame angled at the feet of the family as they walk in the rain (Batman). By using this, the viewers are able to get a better understanding of the setting in which all of these things happen.The rain is used to show a dreary setting which is one iconic thing that Tim Burton uses in his pictures to show that something bad or sad will happen. By using the rain as a foreshadowing tool, he is able to show this. Also in the movie clip, the camera uses an overarching high angle when looking at the newspapers found in the batcave (Batman).

When using this, Director Burton is creating suspense through the way the camera has viewers wondering the significance in this scene.This also helps to lead into the flashback used to explain these events and connect the newspaper to the picture of the mann. With the understanding of this, Burton allows readers to understand what caused Bruce Wayne to become the way he is.Through the use of the various camera angles and framing, Tim Burton was able to explain the imagery and suspense found inBatman (Burton,1989). Going into the movie scene, viewers are already met with the intense music found in Batman.

Tim Burton uses this music and sound to create the great imagery and suspense that Batman is built on. With the scene, Burton uses slow and mournful music during the death scene.Through the use of this, the music is able to show and capture the sadness that Bruce Wayne feels in the moment.This also creates the suspense of the scene with the situational irony caused by it. Another example would be the way that the music is used during the scene while present day Bruce Wayne, is comparing and remembering the man in the photo from the day his parents died. While doing so, this shows and gives viewers suspense because of how this character is involved with the character and also helps to get better understanding to the overall movie.

By using the intense music and sounds in the scene, viewers are able to feel the suspense that the movie gives off. In Batman, the viewers are met with suspense due to the imagery found in the music and sound, lighting, and camera angles and framing that Tim Burton brings to the movie.While Burton uses many different types of techniques such as, various low lighting’s, slow and ominous music and sounds, and various low and tilted camera angles and framing, he is able to harvest the suspense in these to give to viewers.With this, how does Burton use other types of techniques to create impressions for his other movies and short films?