Survey Design

In recent years, technological developments have been on the rise with new services being unveiled by technological entrepreneurs who have made names for established well known sites such as Facebook and Twitter. With such social sites being used by the young and old but mostly the young people, there is need to find out the effect of a social site like Facebook on the academic achievement of the young people. For this survey the appropriate research question will be; what effect does Facebook have on the academic achievement of the school goers?This proposed research question will guide the entire survey.

For the above question to be answered well there is need to use a survey method to carry out the research. This particular method is appropriate for carrying out this research since it use will be effective in getting responses from the participants of the research who will furnish information in answer o questions given to them. Survey method will allow the use of interview and questionnaires which will ask them to respond to some questions (Jackson, 2007). Thesurvey method is also appropriate being that the research question is unbiased to the respondent (Kornblum, 2007). For this particular research, the null hypotheses will be that Facebook does not have any effect on academic achievement of school goers using it.

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This hypotheses asserts that there is no effect of Facebook on academics. However, the alternative research hypotheses will be that school goers who use Facebook will have low academic performance. This alternative hypothesis is appropriate being that it is measurable (Shi & Tao, 2008). For this particular survey, the variables measure will be academic achievement and frequency of use of Facebook. This study will focus on young people who are school goers but abovve the age of 13 this being the minimum age for signing up for Facebook.

The respondents will be source from different cultural backgrounds and education levels.In the survey, the sampling method used was random with visits being made to institutions of learning at different times of the day for collection of data. In the research too, the use of average past performance of the students will provide a central point of reference that will inform the researcher as to whether a change has occurred or not. With the need of following ethical standards being paramount, the research will not gather personal information that might disclose the participant of the study. Needless to say, there is likelihood for the school authorities to hinder the research perhaps with fears that it might expose the effect of Facebook on the student if any. This implies that due care has to be taken into account to avoid such situations.