Swot Analysis of Sony Corporation

SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT ANALYSIS OFSONY CORPORATION&L. G COMPANY STRENGHTS Of SONY CORPORATION ? Strong Brand Image ? Worldwide Reputation ? High Market Share ? High Quality Products ? High Technology ? Pioneer in the Industry as Being Creative and Innovative ? Supports R&D Activites ? Diversification in Manufacturing Locations Around the World ? Ability to Provide High Motivation to Its Employees ? Loyal Customers STRENGHTS Of L. G SWOT ANALYSIS ? Market leader in home appliances. ? Has got manufacturing unit in tax incentive .

? Wide range of products to serve all categories. ?

Widest distribution network in the industry(47barnches,10000 trade partners). ? Good after sales service offered. WEAKNESSES OF SONY CORPORATION ? Over self-confidence which’s level sometimes reaches notpaying attention to their rivals. ? Diversifications in unsuitable businesses for itself. ? They insist on their own formats.

? Competitively high prices. WEAKNESSES OF L. G ? Samsung being its competitor provides similar products. ? Consumers compare L.

G with Samsung its Korean rival notwith other global companies. ? Lack of expert operators for complex machines due toilliteracy and lack of training in India. SWOT ANALYSIS OPPORTUNITIES OF SONY CORPORATION ? Continuous growth in their sectors. ? Increasing demand in technological products around theworld OPPORTUNITIES OF L. G ? Fast growth of the home appliances market ? Shifting to rural areas ? Thus maintaining control over the market and the highestshare in home appliances market THREATS OF SONY CORPORATION ? Strong competiton in the market.

? Short product lifecycle. ? Imitation of brand name and technology THREATS OF L. G ? Close competitors like Samsung are compared to it. ? Price war with Samsung. ? Competition from Indian brand and other foreign brands.