Tablets vs. Textbooks

I personally own a tablet and I use it almost everyday. I believe that tablets work a lot better than conventional books. Tablets will eventually take the classroom away from the textbook. More students know how to use tablets than ever before. In this article there will be pros and cons to these problems. As long with arguments that are most important and solution to those problems.

Pros of having a tablet are simple yet effective. The tablet is lighter and causes less injuries. Unlike the textbook where 5% of students who visit the nurse’s office because of spinal cord problems related to their backpack being too heavy as said by The tablet can also hold many more books than just the one book that the textbook is. Wikipedia.

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org says over 3,000 books can be held on a tablet but only about five textbooks can be held in a backpack. Cons are as evenly balanced and controversial as the pros are. The textbook is something that kids can write in and wreck but books are a lot cheaper than the tablet. The tablet can be hacked, broken, glitched or stolen easily compared to the textbook. The tablet will distract the students more and cause cheating to be easier because of instant messaging apps. As stated before cheating will be easier to do with the instant messaging and lack of having to talk.

Student will be able to take a quiz and ask their friend across the room for help. Tablets are expensive and poor school district will not be able to afford them so only rich communities will have access to the tablets and the poor district will have the rotting books that easily fall apart. With problem comes solutions to the problem and here are my solutions to the problems. If a poor district wants to buy tablet but does not have the funding to do so. They can trade possibly with richer communities or buy older models of the tablets.

If cheating is a problem then try to make strict rules and harsh punishments to people who get caught cheating. Add security to the tablet don’t allow the student to get apps by restricting the settings on the tablet. Pick a side on this situation by talking about the pros and cons, arguments and solutions. With many school districts making the switch schools may be thinking about making the switch as well. They just need a little encouragement.