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Robin Hood – Strategic Case

Strategic Case The Situation ?” ?? Who? Robin Hood and his managers ?? Their motto : « Rob the rich and give to the poor » ?? When ? 2nd year of his insurrection ?? Where ? Sherwood forest. He began to build his army ?? What ? Conflict : Robin Hood’s band vs. Sherrif => Objective : To put an end…

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Robin Hood Case

INTRODUCTION Robin Hood and his Merrymen create a team to persue the main goal: „Rob from the rich and give to the poor”. Robin Hood is the head of the company and is supported by lieutenants who take are of orgnizational aspects of business. Main co-workers are Will Scarlett who is in charge of intelligence and scouting, Little John who…

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Case study- Robin Hood

Organizational Behavior Assignment Number 2 Robin Hood Identification of the problems and rationale for their predisposition – use of appropriate theoretical models – Evidence of imagination in identifying the options available – Development of a realistic strategy and implementation proposal Robin Hood’s Insurrection began as a personal crusade against the High Sheriff of Nottingham and his administration. HIS band of…

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Responsibilities Job Duties Robin Hood

Responsibilities/Job Duties Robin Hood: CEO Head of the entire organization Main decision-maker Appoints tasks to his lieutenants Oversees all other departments Will Scarlet: Director of Intelligence In charge of Intelligence Responsible for scouting Collecting information from the opposition Determine the travel plans of rich merchants and tax collectors Little John: Director of Discipline/Archery Responsible for enacting disciplinary measures on the…

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Unity of Command – Robin Hood

Not only is the lack of available resources a problem, but the group itself Is unrecognized and is lacking sufficient leadership. The Issue of the group’s decline in vigilance and discipline could lead to dire consequences, especially with the Sheriff actively searching for the band’s weaknesses, and this needs to be resolved immediately. Discuss how these concepts impact Robin’s band…

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