Robin Hood – Strategic Case

Strategic Case The Situation ?” ?? Who? Robin Hood and his managers ?? Their motto : « Rob the rich and give to the poor » ?? When ? 2nd year of his insurrection ?? Where ? Sherwood forest. He began to build his army ?? What ? Conflict : Robin Hood’s band vs. Sherrif =;gt; Objective : To put an end to Sherrif’s power Organization ?” ROBIN HOOD : Ruled in Supreme ? He takes important decisions Tom BOWER Intelligence & scouting Little John Discipline & archery control Sean Flint Finance & loot management. Sam BAKER Responsible of sourcing Main Problems ?” ??A growing army BUT increasing problems Problems related to the growth of the army -? Loss of concentration and vigilence in decline -? Lack of discipline -? Exceeding the food capacity -? Major encampment -? Loss of control over his troops Environemental Issues -? 2nd year of fight -? The Sheriff is more powerful & organised -? Travelers find other alternatives to escape Robin Hood -? Exhaustion of food resources -? Financial resources in decline Porter’s five forces ?” Substitutes: Anyone Suppliers: 3 kind of suppliers: Rich people ,food suppliers& people Rivalry:Sheriff & Prince Jon High threat Buyers: Low threat New entrants: Barons who SWOT ? ” Strength – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats Strength ?” ?? Group cohesion : ?? Common values ?? High motivation ?? Good Hierarchy : ?? A chief, Robin Hood, manage and delegate ?? A treasurer, Sean Flint, in charge of the payment : no conflict ?? A steward, Sam Baker, responsible of provisioning the band ?? A kind of micro-army, leaded by Little John, to guard the camp ?? A « CIA » service, developed by Tom Bower ?? High skill level of the band, expertise in the archery ??The fame of the Merrymen increase strongly : ?? Increasing of the band size ?? Becoming a serious resistant-band ?? Raise of the strike force Weaknesses ?” ?? The band’s organization : ?? Lack of coordination in the team ?? Vigilance is in decline ?? Discipline is becoming harder to enforce ?? Revenues are in decline ?? Forest resources (food) are exceeded ?? Robin Hood’s personal grudge Opportunities ?” ?? Robin hood have many options behind him ?? The barons can become valuable allies ?? Farmers and towns people trust him ?? Prince John is unpopular Threats ?” ??The Sheriff is growing stronger and becoming better organized ?? He has money and more men ?? He has political connections and powerful friends at court ?? Food is becoming more and more expensive Solutions ? ” Which solutions should Robin take to resolve the situation and try to win the fight ? Options discussed in the text ?” ?? A big change in the Merrymen policy in order to avoid the bankrupt : Confiscating farmers goods ?? Costly and inconvenient because those people are our allies ?? Stop the Sherrif taxes collection in order to lead to his removal from office ??The Sherrif has political connections ; powerful friends at court ; well regarded by the regent ?? Possibility of killing the Sherrif ?? It would not improve the situation and the chances seemed increasingly remote ?? Join the conspiracy (King Richard) in return for future amnesty ?? Dangerous solution because of spies.

If the conspirators’ plan failed, the pursuit would be relentless, and retributions swift. Our Recommendations ?” ?? Focalising on the recruitment process ?? Having people in different areas ?? Avoiding useless expenses ?? Assisting the Baron in his mission to restore King Richard back to power

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