Robin’s Weaknesses

It means, the food has to be transported from neighboring villages and Monet have to be bayed. Moreover, it is harder to control such an amount of people. Obviously, the lieutenants can not handle their responsibilities. That is why, there is a lack of discipline in the band.

Without proper control of behavior, the camp can be dedicated from miles away. Due to this fact, the main source of revenue is in decline – the travelers started to avoid the forest, where the band Is living. Even though it brings to wayfarers a lot of inconvenience.

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At the beginning Robin Hood had no long ERM plan, but now he Is forced to make changes in the strategy due to Increasing forces. While considering which problem to take first, he has to Implement a strategic plan.

He should start with three quests: ‘What Is the present situation? ‘ “Where does the Mermen need to go from here? ” “How should it get there? ” It will help the Mermen to come up with new ideas, which will bring the band to successful future. But there are some limitations, which can make the whole process to be difficult.

For example, all the members have their own point of view and that an leave the band if they are not satisfied. That is whey it is difficult to come up with common way of achieving the goal. To be able to answer all of these questions, Robbing should conduct a SOOT analysis of the band.

It will help to suggest alternative solutions and consider pros and cons of each alternative in order to find the best possible solution to the issues. Strengths: The Mermen has a great amount of people. New recruits are pouring In. Sheriff is their common enemy. The band is united against him.

Weaknesses: Scarce supplies of food.

Low financial reserves. Discipline is harder to enforce and vigilance is in decline. Robin has no face to face interaction with all group members Opportunities: Fixed transit tax policy. Potential alliance with the barons in Nottingham. Kill the Sheriff King Richard might give him amnesty.

Threat: The Sheriff Is growing stronger and he Is about to discover Robin’s weaknesses. travelers are avoiding the area, where the Mermen are stealing. Rich Also, Roding H snob a tank auto strategy on can level AT organization. Corporate level strategy – concerned with organization’s overall purpose.

Business bevel strategy – how to compete successfully in a market. Operational strategy – how people and resources can effectively deliver corporate- and business-level strategy.

So, if there is a problem in operation system of an organization, the overall purpose is hard to achieve. That is exactly why, the first thing to fix is internal relationships incident the band. Robin should change the structure of the band. Even though it is difficult to enforce new rules, because he has less face to face interaction. He can hire more lieutenants and divide their responsibilities in a different way, allowing hem to make certain decisions.

Also, Robin should do something about revenues.

The whole mission of the Mermen “Rob the rich and give to the poor” is no longer effective. The mission statement has to be changed according to the changes in organization. The idea with fixed transit tax to everyone passed through the Sherwood Forest can satisfy lieutenants, if they will understand, that it is better to have something, than to have nothing. By collecting the tax, the band will receive some money to give away to poor people. And, as a consequence, to gather from hem useful information about Sheriff.

So, this goal will be achieved.

In contrary, if no one is traveling through the forest, there is no money to provide to the poor. After solving internal problems, the band should focus on the main goal – to liquidate Sheriff, so the Justice might finally be served. There are two ways in Robin Hood’s mind: to kill/capture him or to remove him from position of Sheriff. First solution is not going to solve the problems, even though the band will be satisfied. The second solution might be a right one, if in district are going to be constant problems, plus no e will pay taxes – Sheriff will fall out of favor.

In the meantime, Sheriff has powerful friends, and he can use perpetual state of unrest in order to obtain reinforcements. But final decision is always up to Prince Josh’s mood. He is known as vicious, volatile and unpredictable. He does not have enough supporters – most of the people and baroness want the King Richard to come back. Robin has been asked to Join baroness, who want to release the king from Jail.

In exchange for this he will receive amnesty. It is risky, but if they will succeed, the Mermen can expand outside the forest.