Robbin Hood Case Study

Robin hood was straggling with leading the group especially with some tasks that related to previsions and budget. However, he was a good leader and had gain successes in the first year of Mermen establishment.

The logo of his organization “Robbing from the rich giving to the poor had motivated him and his people to work very hard at that time of the original foundation. Ribbon Hood basically had set up a goal to beat the rivals and stay a strong group to dominate the power that Prince John and Sheriff had.

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Robin Hood was looking for setting a clear structure within his organization so he can be a strong competitor. Competitors forces in the Field: Robin hood is facing a high level of competition from Prince John and the Sheriffs. Moreover, they pose a big threat to the Mermen by withdrawing its suppliers and cutting them off. The sheriffs are strong forces and they want to get Robin Hood rid of his business In the town.

They are becoming stronger and more organized and are threaten through taxation and city attack.

The mall problem Is the growth of Mermen is not organized as well as the Sheriffs are. One of the strategic alternatives he could make toward this issue is by increasing training level and becoming more focusing on the discipline of returned within the organization to keep up the strengthens with Sheriffs forces. Also, he could move his organization strategy to killing the Sheriff. In addition, there is a threat comes from the buyers but it is not a big deal to Robin Hood.

However, if Robin Hood begins to tax them, then that might be a problem of losing customers and brand’s name reputation.

Farmers, people forest, and new buyers are willing to see the customer cares getting better to make their loyalty for the organization longer. Since the Robin Hood situation Is currently stable, then there Is no need to excess tax and force his customers to make alternative decision. One of possibilities he could make Is he could explore new means In which to create revenue other than put a tax which seems not wanted choice.

The new means could be by eliminating the expansive merchants when the travel tongue ten scenario Forest. A Telex transit tax could De executed to immediately increase revenues One of the main problems that he faces is increased growth which leads to missing the provision status in the forest.

Continuing going overseas makes competition rivals pay attention to you and your forest place that Robin Hood needs the town be hidden and no competitors can know about it.

For example, the Sheriffs are threat competitor and always looking to increase their brand’s name in the town. Moreover, the spies of Prince John are going to play their Ames in spying the organization which makes the threat bigger. However, the organization could expand the operation in north, south, east, and west of Sherwood Forest to create more profits. One of opportunities he could follow is by downsizing the workers which could solve the issues of increasing the size and expenses.

They could expand their brand where they have a better understanding of income sources and human and training development.

Success factors The following factors are the secret of Robin Hood success; * Robin is a great deader and he has a great reputation to individuals and customers which make them to be loyal to him * The logo of the organization “Robin from the rich giving to the poor” and well respected brand name is a key success factor for the band based on the popularity of the Mermen * Their strength in robbing techniques is a key success for the brand. The employees are highly skilled and do an effective performance * Having a great location and dominating the place is one of success factors of Nurserymen * The popular image of Robin Hood helps the group to still alive and success