Essay on Take My Advice

You wonder why rumors fly through the school…

you spent your night with the wrong person. You wonder why girls stab you in your back… you needed friends not true friends.

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You wonder why life takes so many turns… you were stubborn and took the short cut. You wonder why love seems so far away.

.. you aren’t quick to forgive and forget. Life seems impossible, like you can never figure it out. Life seems like a never ending puzzle, you never have the right piece. Although, you have the key.

It’s your brain, it’s your better judgement, it’s your values, it’s your self-respect, it’s you. You are the key. Only followers and fakers get lost in the atmosphere before them. Only the most desperate turn out to get the least of what they wanted. The leaders are the ones who break through like a rainbow in a cloudy rainy sky. Why not be who you are? Why not be bold and outspoken? Why not have some self-respect and stop being so easy? Don’t look back on what you’ve done, and say.

. I’ll never learn, I’ll never get it. You will, you just don’t believe in yourself. Anyone can take what they have in front of them, and rise above. Anyone can stray away from the pack, and stand up for what they believe in. Anyone can do what I’ve done, and be one in a million.

.. Not one of a million. I’ve taken many faults. I’ve had people treat me like trash. I’ve been betrayed.

I’ve taken one too many wrong turns. I’ve heard groups whispering about me as I walk by. I’ve loved, and not been loved back. But I took my past into consideration.. I am picky about what I do with my life.

If I don’t like it, I’m not going to be around. If your fake, you don’t stand a chance with me. If something just ain’t right, I listen to what my sense is telling me. Don’t be ignorant. Don’t be so deceived. You run your own life.

Don’t let anyone run it for you. If only some could see the light of day, could it guide them in better directions. If only some could sit back and evaluate their lives, could they live more graciously. If only, if only…

. Take my advice… if you make a mistake, learn from it.