taking things for granted

Every year 1.2 million students drop out according to http://www.thehilltoponline.com/obama-aims-to-lower-u-s-school-dropout-rates-1.

2175867. People take the opportunity to learn for granted. So many people in the U.S just want to get by in life instead of progressing a company. There are people in 3rd world countries that do no offers an education or very limited education.

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Here in the U.S we have top colleges that will help in furthering an education instead some people think it’s too much money and don’t go to college. The fact is going to college will increase your wage. There, a college student that earns more money in one year then a person that didn’t go to college makes in 5 years or even more years. Don’t take this opportunity for granted go on and get a college degree and make the world a better place, sooner or later those jobs that don’t require much to get, will require more and be tougher to get.