Talent, Failure and Success

“My main objective is to tell you what you don’t know i.e you can do it you are not a failure you are the one don’t let anyone make you feel inferior” A Talent (or gift, or aptitude) is the skill that someone naturally has to do something that is hard. It is an ability that someone is born with. People say they are “born with a talent”. It is a high degree of ability or of aptitude. Basically talent has nothing to do with successand failure,But I have tried to connect these three things together.

Everybody has talent ,nobodyis born without it.We judge people on the basis of failing and success, poverty and money its easy isn’t it?There isa person who is good in arts but isweak in maths , so does that mean he has no talent?No his talent is arts not Math There is a guy who failed in physics but he is outstanding in sports we judge people based on their appearance and based on our perception and we make our life and others life miserable.God created each and every human being for a reason with some special ability no one is useless,Humans are very mysterious we can do miracles. Never ever give up just because you have failed several times Never ever think that you don’t have any talentknow yourself because if you wont nobody will Neverget Disheartened and use whatever talent you possess because the” woods will be very silent if no birds sang there exceptthose which sang best” (henry) Failingis not the end of the road,A person who has never failed has never learned anything new,If someone succeeds all the way through he becomes proud which leads to his ultimate downfall,Just like you cannot feel happiness without sadness,relaxation without pressureyou cannotfeel happy when you succeed if you have not failed even once. Never ever give up on your dreams,Speak up No matter how many times you fallget up ,”Don’t give up on your dreams if you don’t achieveone find another one and live for it strive for itits difficult and painful to wait but its more painful to regret” Failing does not give you a reason to give up as long as you believe andyou have a strong will.

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Work hard,Give it your all.Go as far as you can go if you fall get up,keep your head high be proud of who you are, love yourself.,live for yourself,don’t back down or weepor give up on what you want to do or think of yourself as nothing just because someone told you to give up or made fun of you or bullied you.Struggle for your dreams and one day when you are on the top the same people who told you “you cant do it” will be standing in your office asking for your help,the same people will be your underling if you struggle and work hard and only focus on making your future better,if you only learn and stay strong and trust your talent.Do not spoil yourself,your future by indulging in useless things.

“WHEN SETTING A TARGET AIM FOR THE MOON IF YOU DON’T REACH IT YOU WILL FALL SOMEWHERE ON THE STARS” Life is easy if you make it easy,it is hard if you make it hard.Don’t let the ups and downs of life drag you down just because things are not going the way you planned them work hard because hard work is never ever lost if you are excellent at what you do you will achieve what you deserve someday but you will it might take time but believe me it will be worth the wait.Once again i will say it you are not a failure,you are just you don’t let people discourage you don’t let them hold you back and love yourself because if you don’t nobody will,acknowledge your talent because IF YOU DON’T NOBODY WILL. Courage does not always roar,sometimes courage is the quite voice at the end of the day saying”i will try again tomorrow’ Whenever you fell useless tell yourself “if you were useless you would not have been born in this huge world,God created you to do something so special these billions of people cant do” ROLE OF TEACHERS AND PARENTS :Teachers and parents play huge role in recognizing and developing of a talent in child.They should encourage , try to interact with the childand care about him,Even if he fails try to tell him he can do it because he can believe in him,Instead of judging him tell him its okay Tell him its not the end of the world.Tell him he is agenius and that life can turn around its just the beginning.

One day i told my dad “dad what if i fail?and he smiled andsaid”if you pass its okay your our daughter if you fail you are still our daughter its okay…just study with love do your work with excellence and dedication even if your job is donkey care you will be happy in your life” teachers should make him something even if he is nothing,teachers should inspire their students.A teacher should act as a best role model because students believe and follow their teachers.

A teacher should be someone to whom you look up to.Teachers can change mind of a child and even the child as a whole. “IT is the Supreme art of a teacher to awaken joy and creative expression and knowledge”Albert