Taste vs

Nowadays, people are able to choose between taste and nutrition of food.

A wide range of products offered can satisfy people with different preferences. It may sound strange, but people often prefer something tasty but unhealthy to healthy but without any special taste. According to the book The Eater Reader (2010), “Eating is a whole a lot more than food”. Actually, this quotation sounds like a true one. The style of living and preferences of a person can be defined according to the food that is eaten. It shows also a choice between taste and nutrition.

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What are the pros and cons of choosing this or that food? The ideas and thoughts as well as an own experience are presented in this essay on the example of burrito and bean & butternut. The first option is a famous burrito. A person can be motivated by its fresh and tasty look while choosing burrito. It usually consists of fresh vegetables that may create an image of a healthy kind of food. Burrito usually consists of rice, refried beans or beans, lettuce, salsa, meat, guacamole, cheese, and sour cream. It looks like not that bad though a bit grilled.

However, it is not healthy at all. The point is in the ingredients used to prepare it. Most of them are loaded with fat and sour cream. Moreover, burrito contains lots of calories. For instance, one burrito can consist of more than 800 calories. If a person eats it, it is a daily norm of food that can be consumed.

Therefore, no other food must be eaten in order not to exceed the daily norm. Thus, it also means that a person cannot eat burrio every day in order to keep fit or this type of food could not be included in a healthy daily ration, although it is unbelievably tasty.I allow myself to eat my favorite burrito but I always remember how often this type food can be eaten in order not to cause harm to my health. It is very important to understand the consequences of choosing unhealthy food. Unfortunately, people usually do vice versa. They eat relying only on emotional feelings and think afterwards.

Mexican people are emotional especially if taking to consideration that they have a great cuisine that is famous all over the world. I’m emotional in such questions too and it is really difficult to choose between a tasty burrito and vegetables with all the variety and colorfulness of maxican cuisine. Another Mexican dish is Bean Tacos with green salsa, which is more traditional food. It’s not that famous like burrito especially for foreigners. It can be said that it is healthier than burrito because more vegetables and less fat are used to prepare it.

The ingredients are the following: pepper, garlic, onion, avocado, olive oil, beans, and fresh cilantro leaves. All of them come from the ground. Although, it is a great meal for vegetarians, it will be a real challenge for people who prefer to include meet in their daily ration and will definitely eat burrito three times per day. Taco is salty, sweet and spicy.Such different types of taco give an opportunity to choose the better one.

However, such ingredients usually lessen the attractiveness of the dish. The range of burrito is also rather wide and the ingredients are much more common to people who name themselves as “food lovers”. Thus, taco definitely tastes better for people who care about nutrition and health. Although, I am a “burrito” person, I try to keep a balance between the types of food I consume. There is no doubt that a menu that consists of rice, vegetables and beans is not really preferred by most of the people and me as well.

Moreover, I love different creams and fillings. Nevertheless I face the fact that eating a lot of unhealthy food may worsen one’s heath and make one spend the rest of the life dealing with obesity or other illnesses.There are no concrete nutritional standards. They may be really optional and depend on a person. On one hand some people as me prefer taste and create their nutrition standards that have burrito on the top of the list of preferred food. It is one possible option as well as a person’s right.

Of course some risks and outcomes must be taken to consideration because a very valuable asset called health is meant here. On the other hand some people may find these risks too serious. They want to keep fit and spend hors in the gym. Their daily ration consists of vegetable and fruits and they usually take Bean&Butternut Tacos or something like that while going somewhere out. They avoid fat and creams but love or just prefer pepper, garlic, onion, avocado, olive oil and other. It is one more possible and a really widely used approach.

The point is that each and every person creates his/her own standards and makes own choices.