Technique or Technology?

Tick. Tick. Tick.

I stare at the clock as the second hand goes by. Yawns are forceful. I can’t hold them back. If only I was engaged in what the 17-year-old teenager was saying. Then Finally! One speech done, 25 more to go.

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There’s nothing worse than being forced to listen to a speech you have zero interest in. But is it the speech or the speaker’s technique? Being an enthusiastic speaker is critical. If a speaker does not provide description or a burst of energetic personality, technology is useless. Descriptive words allow an audience to use their imagination and relate the topic to their personal lifestyle. Technology is a privilege in giving a speech, not a Band-Aid.

The key in providing an engaging effective speech is to be enthusiastic and creative. A person cannot rely on technology. Technology can let us down, but personality stays with us forever. So, next time you’re giving a speech, you won’t have to worry about the girl in the audience chewing her gum watching the clock go by. Tick.

Tick. Tick.