Technology these days what would we do without it. How would the world be without it? I have been curious about this question for a while now and there is no real answer to this question. There is always two sides to a fight and in this fight we have the people that think (Technology we need it for everything) then there is the people who think we don’t need it for anything. There is so much technology out there in the world today that it is hard to keep up with the new gadgets that are coming out.

Im sure the government doesn’t mind us spending billions a year on electronics. Personally think the world would be so much different without the technology we have today. Lets face it in a good 40 years we might just have flying cars everywhere.It wouldnt suprise me at all. Personally electronics and all our gadgets are great because we keep up with the news,friends,social media,etc. The downside to all this technology is people are wasting so much of there life on their personal electronics.

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If you think about an average human probably spends about 1-3 hours a day on electronics. Add that up for a whole year and thats a lot of time you spent on your devices. So to wrap things up Technology can be a great thing, but remember it does have it down sides so be careful how much time you actually spend on your devices.v