Technology in Education

Technology has seemed to slowly emerge in schools today with iPads as a major trend. My school in particular has been becoming more involved with technology and we have several computer labs placed throughout the building. Many students have grown to begin use of iPhones and iPads that belong to themselves rather than the school.

We aren’t provided with iPads, but iPod Touches are readily available for teachers to bring into classes. I feel fortunate to be in a place with such available technology and feel that everyone should have access to information online and new information about topics for research and for enjoyment. I’ve found myself considering how I really am influenced by the accessible information. For example, if I would like to know the year Christopher Columbus was born, today I could do a quick search and discover that it was the year 1451. Only 5 or 10 years ago I would have to find a book, check if the information was accessible through that book, and then find the information.

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It has gone from minutes or hours to merely seconds. Libraries in schools have always been a great place for information and entertainment. I’m grateful to have such a great library with technology and books in one place. When presentations occur in the library, the use of a projector is used almost every time. On the computers placed around the room you are able to look up a book and bring one home with you as long as you promise to return it.

This is only a single library and one of the two school libraries I truly have been exposed to. Around the nation many schools do not have access to technology and use outdated textbooks for information and it could be potentially harmful to anyones education. Bringing technology into libraries and schools could possibly increase the reach of information and bring new ideas and information to schools and homes around the nation that don’t have access to books about topics such as “How to tie a tie” and ‘Images of aglets”. The farther technology reaches, the more people all around the nation can learn new thoughts and knowledge.