Technology in School

Technology in Dorchester 2 School District and DuBose Middle School

A school is an institution designed to allow and encourage students or pupils to learn, under the supervision of teachers.

Most countries have systems of formal education, which is commonly compulsory. In these systems, students progress through a series of schools. The names for these schools vary by country and states. Technology and other technological advancements have played a very pivotal role in the advancement of education in the learning institutions. Indeed technology is an absolute need that cannot escape from.

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The importance of technology is aiming for comfort of use in whichever form it is. It always directs for easiness in life. The internet is a great source of information that has made learning and access to information much easier (Edmond, 2000). The use of technology in schools has proved effective in decreasing use of paper and thus it brings most of the school office work in an e-format. For instance, technology benefits to enhance more efficient and effective learning and at the same time eases the office work. It’s also a means to bridge seemingly long distance between the present and the future (Karrer, 2006).

In both Dorchester 2 School District and DuBose Middle School, technology has played a crucial role in ensuring effective learning process. In the district, technology is used in the following areas; the school fusion website, educators handbook which is an online discipline tracker, laptops for all the teachers in the institution, enhancing of safety schools online safety training, direct deposit online for all the members, kid visitor identification, photo identification system, identification recovery of data, the SASI-Attendance system, smart response to various issues among others (Karrer, 2006). In addition, technology has been used in school in the implementation of the in-touch online system, the IG Pro-grading systems for the student’s performance, the appex learning system, compass learning odyssey that is used for the laboratory related jobs and the systems used for the math program applications. At DuBose Middle School which is located in Summerville in South Carolina, technology and other information communication technologies have been greatly used. Even though the school serves grades 6-8 in the Dorchester 2 district, the school has received the GreatSchools rating of seven out of the possible ten. This was based on the school’s overall performance on the state’s standardized tests (Edmond, 2000).

Intouch online: This is also referred to as Edulink Systems. The Intouch online is a very secure and seamless online system that is also very secure due to the high security systems implemented within the system. The system delivers the valuable information to parents and teachers about the learners over the Internet. The system therefore enables the parents to be more informed and involved in the school affairs. Communication with the parents is enabled through the SASIxp and Aeries data online system at the school. The school therefore easily achieve higher grades due cooperation among the parents, teachers and the administrators through the internet (Gilly & Kogan, 2000).

The IG PRO-Grading systems on the other hand has been at the school to ensure more accurate, faster, efficient and more cost effective system of grading the student’s performance is done. This indeed saves the energy which would have been invested in doing the same grading using more resources. The inter-grade pro system is capable of doing more tasks. It is an easy-to-use web-based school grade-book management system created (Black & McClintock, 1995). It however works together with InteGrade Pro Server which provides the school with a web-based product that can be used to edit grade books stored on a school’s InteGrade network server of the school.

The system therefore help in the elimination of the need to transfer files manually on diskettes between systems and enable web based access of the learners’ information. This InteGrade Pro Web provides the school with the functionality required to manage your grade-books remotely. Apex Learning, which is commonly used at the DuBose Middle School is an electronic learning service provider in many subjects that include mathematics, science, English studies, Social studies, and placement. The school has utilized the learning system by its online curriculum through product lines. The system also provides class-Tools, virtual for distance Learning which is however not currently being utilized.

Furthermore, class tools, class tools archive, apex learning review and the exam preparation tool are some of the crucial services gained through the use of the apex learning tool. Compass Learning Odyssey enhances learning from both school and at home. Since it is an online interactive program, it revolutionizes the integration of learning and technology. The system allow ones child to learn new information and build basic skills through reinforce reading, writing, and math skills in order to improve performance in school and on tests . It also enables a child to become an active learner through exploration and discovery.

This is also made possible through the existence of the many engaging educational games and activities that introduce new learning opportunities to the children in school (Black & McClintock, 1995; Gilly & Kogan, 2000). The compass learning odyssey also ensures that provides the school’s learners with highly engaging, interactive content that fosters their interest in learning. The Target Teach on the other hand is a technological tool used in helping the set and work towards achieving its self goals and the already existing bench mark in the children’s performance benchmark goals. In addition to the above discussed technological advancements, the Dorchester district school and the DuBose middle school have an aspect of the use of Microsoft Office and computers that are specifically meant for the special education class. The Microsoft Office is used for the managerial purpose by the administration and also for the learners in learning the computer applications.

Moreover, there is the alpha smart for sp kids system which is vital within the institutions (Edmond, 2000; Black & McClintock, 1995)Smart boards are also commonly found in classrooms. This enables the teachers to clearly write on the boards in the explanation of concepts to the learners in this schools that are located in Summerville SC. The Smart-boards in every class and the Steno Clickers in every class greatly enhances better performance in the pupils. This interactive whiteboard provide touch control of computer applications and annotation over standard Microsoft Windows applications. A projector is used to display a computer’s video output onto the whiteboard, which then acts as a huge Touch-screen for the teachers and the pupils. The unique features make it very suitable for use in the teaching process of the learners.

The fact that the Smart Board has features that allows the user to write on the board with a pen, then highlight the print and convert it to computer-recognized generated font makes it a very vital learning tool for the teachers and the pupils alike (Gilly & Kogan, 2000). It is also worth noting that cameras do exist in hallways in the district. The major importance of the cameras is to enhance monitoring of the learners security while in the school. Some of the cameras are use are dome-shaped which are very powerful and covers a larger area (Black & McClintock, 1995). The online Individual Educational Program (IEP Online) does play a great deal in ensuring the success of the learner in the school. Specialized attention is accorded to the learner and programs that specifically targets certain pupils designed.

This ensures that pupils with special needs in the district are accorded the necessary attention which the need for their academic success and well being (Black & McClintock, 1995)In conclusion, it is clear that a number of technologies have been used in ensuring that the district’s schools offer good education to its learners. This can clearly be revealed in the educator’s handbook, the education tracking system, the school’s online safety and the school fusion website among others. There are however other areas where improvement need to be done for maximum benefits to be accrued.