Teenage Success

I think everyone has had that dream of becoming a celebrity when they were little. I’m sorry to say your most likely not going to be a famous pop star, but you can still be very successful.

Recently in Language Arts we read Chad Foster’s Teenagers preparing For the Real World. Foster states that even as eight graders we can start becoming successful. There are myriad keys that can open the doors to success. Starting to search for the right one now will only help you. One point Chad Foster brought up many times is to keep an address book.

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What this means is basically to keep a log of everyone you meet over the years. Doing this will help you in the future. Just a few days ago my mom was talking about how she got a job offer from an old acquaintance. Although she may not take the job offer it is probably good to know that if something happens with her job now she has a back up plan. You can never be too prepared! That happened all through contacts. Maybe you’ll meet someone who will help you out later in life you never know.

So keep a log of anyone’s name and phone number. Meeting new people will help you to fill your address book so go out of your way to meet as many people as possible! Another point that was brought up in the book Teenagers Preparing For the Real World was to know what’s going on around you, basically the news. Knowing what’s going on around you can help in many ways. Let’s say you’re trying to fill your address book by meeting new people, and they bring up a topic that you would know if you read the newspaper. Take every opportunity you get to either read the newspaper or watch the news. You never know when something on the news will benefit you.

A few years ago my mom had to keep herself updated to know everything that was going on with healthcare reform law because she worked at a hospital. I know watching the news is tedious but trust me it will be worth it. Knowing these few components to being successful, I hope you use them and become a more successful person. Who knows you may decide to start using these elements to success today. You might be a very successful person one day.

Just remember there are only a few more years until your looking for a career. Make a smart choice and start being successful now. Good Luck!