Finding a business opportunity Is an art. And Medicines Company thrives upon this unique idea of developing abandoned drugs which still have some remaining value for the market. One such drug Is Anglo which Is a blood thinning drug or anticoagulant.

Mall reasons for selecting Anglo were Its effectiveness over existing drug Heparin, another alternative to the only drug Heparin available for angioplasty and the cost to produce the Angora could be reduced to half making It economically viable business. After getting FDA approval, the management board of Medicines Company is facing go to market pricing issues with Managing and their inability to come up with a right price for the drug.

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The main reason for the current pricing problem is already existing widely used competitor drug Heparin, which is priced only at $2/dose. In order to position Managing in the market Medicines Company have to analyses its advantages and economic value in comparison to Heparin. First of all it is necessary that we analyses the two products, Heparin and Managing.

Some of the shortcoming of using Heparin involved its unpredictability requiring close monitoring of the patients. Some patients have high incidence of uncontrolled bleeding. The window of dosing differs across patients and across time leading to higher dose abuse of Heparin. Heparin is also associated with adverse reactions in 2-3% patients causing fatal heparin-induced thermodynamics. In contrasts, effects of Managing are accurate.