What if someone told you to stare at a metal contraption all day? It sounds awfully boring and most people would not agree to do that.

Yet most people already do. Cell phones have become a major part of our society and culture these days, especially texting. Texting is very common and the few people who don’t text in America, know what texting is. In this modern world textingis the easiest way to communicate with someone. Even though everyone knows about texting and most people do it, there are many different types of texters.

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The different types of texters are the classic white girl, the old fart, the baby and the ghost. The classic white girlThe white girl is constantly on her phone and most of what she does on her phone is texting. She wouldn’t be caught dead without her phone to text people. It doesn’t matter to her who she is texting, as long as her phone is constantly going off. The intense vibrations and annoying ring tones are soothing to her and she lives only to hear them. If her phone goes 5 minutes without ringing she texts more and more people.

But she does this because she wants to text, not because she actually cares about the conversation or the quality of it. She loves her phone even more than Starbucks and leggings, which is saying a lot. Her phone is her lifeline.the day she forgets it at home is the worst day of her life. She will freak out it she drops her phone because she obviously has the newest iPhone and if it breaks her life is over.

A day without texting would be torturous. To her, her cell is more important than food. The old fart The old fart is someone who tries to use their phone but is helplessly lost. They can’t understand for the life of them that the speech bubble app is the text message app. Once they finally have that figured out it takes them another hour to type up the message. While they are typing up the message they make endless comments about how unpractical texting is and how their fingers are too big and a million other excuses for why they can’t type fast.

Their text messages never make sense. They feel the need to write the text message just like a letter. It is always way too formal. They leave their name at the bottom every time, without fail, as if our phone doesn’t already tell us who they are. They all hate the fact that our generaion is so into cell phones and they are constantly telling “back in my day” stories that involve carrier pigeons and snail mail. But even though they hate it and constantly complain about them they still feel a weird need to have a cell phone so that they can look cool to their grandchildren.

They constantly leave their phone at home, or lose it so it is impossible to get ahold of them. Ironically the old fart always has an extremely nice and high tech phone, which makes it even harder to learn how to use it. The old fart will never fully be able to use a cell phone, no matter how many times their poor grandchild has to show them. The baby The baby is that kid that has a phone but is way too young to have one. All of their friends are jealous of them because they are the only kid in the grade to have a cell phone.

They start as young as kindergarten. All of the adults and older kids wonder why they have a phone. What could they possibly use it for? None of their friends have one. They usually end up just texting their parents and annoying their older siblings with dumb texts.And what parent in their right mind would buy a child that young a phone.

It almost always ends up broken, or lost. No kindergartener can handle the responsibility of having a phone. Most of the time people are just jealous of this kid. He is so young and has a nicer phone than most high schoolers. It just doesn’t make sense. The ghost The ghost is that kid who couldn’t care less about their phone and they rarely use it.

They have a basic phone, not a smartphone and so there’s not much for them to do on it so they don’t carry it around. Unfortunately that means getting ahold of them is almost impossible because they will only check their phone a few times a week. They never know the newest gossip or when their friends are hanging out. Their basic phones also don’t receive pictures so they are constantly out of the loop on the funniest memes. It is also hard for them to stay up on the best and newest music because their phones music capacity is terrible. The ghost almost never knows where their phone is and that doesn’t bother them in the least.

They figure that it will eventually show up.They are constantly dropping their phones and being reckless with them but it doesn’t matter because basic phones are indestructible. Basic phones are constantly used as footballs, or soccer balls and they still don’t break. Plus they never use it, so it doesn’t matter to the ghosts if their phone is broken.