The Absolute Truth

Scientists and philosophers of all different backgrounds yearn to search for the absolute truth- a truth based from the mindset of a neutral being that looks strategically and logically at the stated facts.

Yet however unbiased and perfectly ideal the reasoning behind objectivity is, it has not and will not ever be reached. Neutrality creates an un-opinionated, mindless perception, and the conception of objectivity is far from the truth. We were born into a world full of diversity and opinions. Our brains, from the moment we emerged, were raised to operate under a bias-filled culture. Media bias is all around us, ranging from the “most trusted” newspaper sources to the world wide web where everyone can connect; and often, people are convinced they can rely on the one point perspective for accurate information, seeing it as the “neutral” standpoint. Yet how can we fulfill our own judgements when we haven’t looked through the eyes of other prospects? During the American Revolution, citizens would openly debate and discuss multiple sides of important issues.

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They understood everyone had different opinions, ways of thinking, and bias to their arguments; no one was a completely neutral person which in turn, created an open discussion that allowed the expansion of the vast knowledge their perceptions had already evolved. They had the ability to quickly see various takes on an issue at once, taking in multiple biased theories before forming their own opinion. Instead of the bias working against them, they made it work for them. And because of that, they were able to put themselves in control to create a better, greater nation filled with limitless diversity. A nation whose history is built upon conflict and peace, upon disarray and prosperity. Being open-minded doesn’t require anyone to have a neutral, absolute way of thinking.

In fact, our different view points are what shaped the world in to the advancement today. As I learned from my religion class, people from all nations bask in different beliefs under different gods. Yet, who has the right to determine which is true and which is false? Each faith lives under its own share of morals, balancing between the good and bad. It’s with these bias that our world has such a unique and profound culture unlike any other, an amazing way to cultivate the seeds of our minds as we continue to unfold our philosophy. Bias will always plant itself within the human brain, impossible to eradicate; and without objectivity, the pursuit of knowledge can expand day by day, thought by thought. I’ve learned the only absolute truth that truly exists is that there is no absolute truth.