Truth is something no one can explain. There are many different views on truth. For me I see truth as something that someone believes or morals. Truth could be nothing but a dirty lie people believe is true.

Or could truth be the opposite of a lie, true? I also believe everyone tells many lies that is why you should not believe everything you hear or see. The teachers don’t tell the “truth” all the time nor do our parents. Unless they have their own “truth” they think is correct, But again another view. We go by falsified information throughout our lives. Santa clause is one school is another, not trying to say school is bad it is good. School is not what it is cut out to be.

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Half the stuff you don’t use in the real world, yet some teachers to refuse to agree. Google, yahoo, ask and other search engines provide the information we need in a split second. Rather than looking through books. For example, in “real” life someone needs to look up and find information about the product they need in their store.

Where do they turn? To a stack of books providing limited information throughout each one or the internet where they can specifically look for what they want to know? Things are mixed up in this world as if words are words with no meaning put behind them, like inflation without the real dollars. Because everything is an opinion or taught moral. Like the word “law” may mean different to a lawyer than a crack dealer or murderer. So what is a law, a word with enforced meaning behind it? Or what everyone wants it to be? This paper could be a biased lie. But that’s obviously up to you; everyone has a different opinion or point of view. “Everyone’s different”, does that mean most opinions are different all together? So what is truth if it’s what everyone wants it to be? It’s a lousy word with no meaning, the only meaning people can bestow within it.

So let me ask you this what is truth?