The Truth Behind War

In the movie Black Hawk Down the reason the U.S. gets involved is because Mohamed Farrah Aidid is a warlord that blocks international food shipments in Somalia. The U.S.

comes in to deliver food. Even though there is is a vision It isn’t the United states war, it’s a civil war we had ours and they have theirs no one else has to step in. But the U.S. feels that we should step in to order a democracy even though there is no guarantee that the people will agree to it after they take control.

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There is even a part in the movie when even the General doesn’t think they should be there, because we lost more men than there should have been. They went in on mission to be in and out within the hour but stayed fighting for 12 hours and kept going back in to get people out. It was a disaster there even with their most elite group of soldiers in there. War teaches you truth about life and about the situation you are in. The pilot of a blackhawk helicopter gets taken prisoner. When the militia was talking to him they said that just because the U.

S. captures Mohamed doesn’t mean they are not going to stop fighting. That fighting and killing is just the way things are around there and it’s something the U.S. wouldn’t understand.

In another part of the movie there is truth to why they are in the military. Hoot says when people ask him why does he keep going back is he some kinda war junkie, he says he doesn’t respond because they wouldn’t understand that it’s about the men next to you and that’s it. It’s about that brotherhood. In many wars you can’t tell who is the enemy or not so you just assume the whole population is the enemy. This is true in this movie as well, a soldier runs into a building and as he is exiting a little boy starts firing an ak 47 at him.

This shows that the army can’t take chances and trust who the enemy is or not. But they also learn that there is people in the countries they fight for that are on their side. For example as the soldiers are running away from the hostile zone towards the green zone there are Somalians cheering them on as they enter and they realize the whole country isn’t violence and killing. The U.S.

goes into wars trying to make a difference be nice win the people over and start an democracy. In this movie they go into change the way of life which is harder than expected not being able to take out one of the biggest warlords. The U.S. went in there well put together trying to make a difference which is what happens in every war we are sent into even if it is not ours to fight. Does the U.

S. show that they are better at violence? Of course they do they are technically more advanced and plan to use it to their advantage. In the middle of the movie the U.S. is getting hammered hard and then they start to send strafing runs all night to show that they won’t let up. In the end of the movie they pull out regroup and then send more men back in to get the men stuck in there still.

This shows that they don’t leave anyone behind and that they will do whatever it takes to win and get all their men back. In an earlier part of the movie and women is running and the U.S. soldier is praying that she doesn’t pick up the weapon and then she does and he has to shoot her showing that no matter what we will win. In conclusion I think that all these points can be linked through any war the U.S.

has been in. You just have to search there are many times the same reasons for entering wars. Especially the wars that we maybe don’t so much belong in, like an civil war between the Somalians.