Analysis of the Poster an Inconvenient Truth

This poster is for a movie called An Inconvenient Truth. It is an American documentary film about global warming, presented by former United States Vice President Al Gore.

The poster is simple. Using a picture created by cartographic software then just put the information on it. The poster is generally divided into 2 parts – the sky part and the land part. In the land part, you can see penguins walking in queue in a desert like they are migrating. As we all know, penguin lives in south polar, which is full of iceberg. But in this poster, the designer put them in a desert, which is very ridiculous.

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But it doesn’t don’t make any sense. If we leave the global warming alone, let the temperature keep going up. Someday, even the south polar will be just like the picture – turn to a desperate desert and the homeless penguins have to move to another place. The situation now is not optimistic already, so here we have the slogan here: we’re all on thin ice. This is an inconvenient truth that we are facing now. The main color combination using here is blue and yellow.

Blue is the sky’s color while yellow is the desert’s color. There’s a gradient effect using between the sky and the desert so the connection part won’t be too sharp.

The black and white penguins in the yellow background are also very eye-catching. The idea of the poster –” penguins walking in the desert” is very brilliant. It uses an unusual phenomenon to draw the audience’s attention.

You may feel funny at first but then you think how could this happen you will see the message that the designer what to tell us – stop global warming otherwise not only the human being but also the other creatures will be affected. Take actions right now before it is too late. Even the smallest lifestyle adjustments taken collectively can add up to significant reductions in global warming.

The title of the movie “an inconvenient truth” is put in the middle top and the word inconvenient is using red color to highlight. Below it is the tag title: we’re all on thin ice. Since the main purpose of this poster is to publicize the movie, the on show date is very important.

You can see the designer use red color and make the font big so the audience can find it easily. The movie’s official website is below the on show date. The film Distribution Corporation and sponsor’s logo is put at the bottom and all in a very small size. Since this is not something that most audience concerned about.

It is a successful Public service advertizing poster, but as a movie poster there’s still something need to improve. When I first look at the poster, never thought it is about a movie until I see the word “In theaters”.

Only look at the poster you will never know what the movie likes. Is it a documentary film about animals, an animation or a science fiction? At least you must let the audience know what type of the movie is. Just give them the information:” This movie is talking about the global warming” isn’t enough. The poster also doesn’t tell us the stuff’s name which is now many people care about when they watching a movie.