The Truth About OTEC

When answering the question, What important social or civic issue should be the focus in our government? The answer is explicitly OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) for 2 reasons.

One its solves water scarcity which is the root part of the Indo-Pakistan War and two it solves global warming which could lead to extinction. Most people would write about the environment in general or the voting age but, today I proposing something that if we dont put into effect will cause extinction of human life. Now onto my first point. Water Scarcity is increasing rapidly now and OTEC is the only way to create freshwater to reach the needs of water scarcity. If people have any doubts that OTEC isn’t possible Dr.

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Oney who is the Chief Science Advisor for the OTEC corporation clears that up and states it is the safest for the environment, the tech exists now, and can put right into effect. Since OTEC solves for water scarcity it also solves for the Indo-Paki war where water scarcity is the flashpoint of the war. If we don’t integrate OTEC the Indo-Paki war will go nuclear says Manil Suri who is a professor of mathematics affiliate professor of Asian Studies at the University of Maryland. To strengthen my argument I will use Magnitude, Timeframe, and Probability. The magnitude is a full blown nuclear exchange which cause nuclear famine. The Timeframe is within the next 5 years which means that if we don’t act within that time those will be the last 5 years of my life.

Finally the probability is a 100%. To translate nuclear famine is inevitable unless we integrate OTEC. Moving on to the environment and how the environment will lead to the end of humanity this leads me to my second and final point. OTEC is key to reduce CO2 which stops any possibility of nuclear warming occurring on the planet of earth. Conventional Fuel Fired Electric Power Stations contribute nearly 21.

3% of the Global Greenhouse Gas emission annually. An alternative is a must to prevent global warming. The only alternative is OTEC. Hydrogen produced by subjecting the steam to electrolysis during the OTEC process can fuel hybrid automobiles. The initial capital cost of OTEC power station would look high, but an OTEC plant would not involve the waste treatment or astronomical decommissioning costs of a nuclear facility. Also, it would offset its expense through the sale of the desalinated water.

Nina Chestney states that this decade is critical to put a stop to the possibility of warming. According to George Stone who is the Professor of Science Milwaukee Area Technical College, without OTEC global warming is inevitable and will cause extinction. Without OTEC an ocean collapse will happen which will also cause extinction. We need to integrate OTEC to save our humanity. The plan is the United States should provide financial incentives for the development and use offshore Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion technology. So when answering the question what important social or civic issue should our government focus on the answer is explicitly OTEC for two crucial reasons.

One its solves water scarcity which is the root part of the Indo-Pakistan War and two it solves global warming which could lead to extinction. I wrote this not to try and just get by with writing about voting age or the basic environment I wrote it to inform people on why we need OTEC to save humanity. With Magnitude, Timeframe, and Probability I have proved that OTEC is the only way to solve for global warming and the Indo-Paki which will cause nuclear famine.