Tell(y)ing The Truth

It has colors. It provides entertainment. It speaks to you.

This is TV- the magical wonder and medicine every average human loves. Though TV seems innocent to you, it’s controlling your entire life believe it or not. TV overtakes your mind/thinking, be bad for your health, and it’s completely a waste of time. Oh, and TV channels make sure you don’t realize it.Many people think that TV can be educational too but where is the evidence of that? “TV rots your brain.

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” That may sound like rubbish to you, but decently close to reality. TV will try to change and manipulate your brain in many ways. One way is that TV often tries to make you think differently. For example, did you know that kids ages 6-12 were getting more influence from cartoons than school because on average, they spend 38 hours of TV per week while they get less than 30 hours of school per week. Also, often in commercials, voice-overs are often from male figures, giving the implication that men are more authorities and trustable than women. Another way TV can affect your brain is it can change your brainwaves.

In 1969, Herbert Krugman did some experiments on how TV affects brainwaves. The shocking thing was in less than a minute of a person watching TV; the person’s brainwaves would switch from Beta waves to Alpha waves. Beta waves are used for critical and logical thinking while Alpha waves are a more “daydreaming” state or relaxing state. Or in other words, people go from “thinking state,” to “sleepy state-“which also means that people are thinking less and that could add to delayed brain development. What if someone told you that if people over the age of 25 did something for an hour, they would lose 22 minutes more of their life? Would you do that life-draining risk too? Probably not.

But recent research has shown that for anyone over the age of 25 who watches TV for an hour, (on average) loses 22 minutes more of their life too. However, that is not the only way TV can be unhealthy too you. Another way TV can affect your future is how it is linked to obesity. For example, when watching TV, the enzymes that break down the fat in your body drop 90%. Also, TV can affect your emotions too.

Research has shown, in fact, that watching less television can result in more happiness andadults get stressed and depressed from more TV time and lazy behavior. Not only that, TV can kill you in many other ways. Like, “researchers monitored 8,800 adults for six years to see what impact watching television had on their long-term health. They found that each hour a day spent in front of the television increased the risk of death from all causes by 11%. It also raised the risk of dying from cancer by 9% and the risk of heart disease-related death by 18%.” (http://www. Still want to watch more tube? Why when you can do many other things? A simple yet good enough reason not to watch anymore TV is simple- it’s a waste of time. There are an infinite amount of activities for you to do, or to even create yourself so why spend hours, and hours of your precious time on one activity. How about reading- an entertainment source that also makes you smarter (unlike TV)? One of the numerous benefits to read books is it keeps a person mentally stimulated, and keeps it maintaining its strength, like any other muscle. In fact, reading can slow down, or even stop the process of Alzheimer’s disease. “Participating in leisure activities contributes to your physical and mental health and overall life satisfaction.

You’re healthier, happier and more cheerful. You enjoy life more,” “Participating in leisure activities contributes to your physical and mental health and overall life satisfaction. You’re healthier, happier and more cheerful. You enjoy life more,” says Howard E.A. Tinsley, which summarized his 15 year research interviewing 4,000 people.

This is true, because whatever productive activity or hobby you do, if you enjoy it and benefits come out of it (ex. Playing baseball= exercising), you will have less stress and a more enjoyable life. Therefore, for many reasons, TV negatively affects our society and you too. Television can manipulate your head, be even dangerous to your health, and can be replaced by more productive activities. Though TV is addictive, you should try resisting TV- after all, it is just an electronic box in which displays what is from satellite. But unlike real people, TV doesn’t have any emotions or beliefs.

People have quality, and they are what make the world, not electronics. People are what matter, and maybe you should stop staring at one single screen, but go and see the friendly faces of people who care for one and another.