The Adversity and Victory of the Wright Brothers and J.K. Rowling

Often one would have to chew through the bitter chocolate to reach the sweet center. Thomas Paine, writer of “Common Sense,” indicates that the hardships of adversity enhance the value of achievement.

One of the greatest examples of success was derived from a recurring chain of failures, as was the case with the Wright Brothers and their flying machine. Another paradigm of the crash-burn- win theme is the authentic “ashes to riches” legend of J.K. Rowling, who rose from poverty to prominence, to become one of the world’s best beloved fiction writers. Initially, Wilbur and Orville Wright had a whimsical fantasy about humanity having the ability to fly on day. The two implemented their dream by studying the aerodynamics of plumaged creature, deriving their initial blue prints from the contour and mobility of the birds’ wings.

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Over time, the siblings collaborated over several schematics and experiments that sadly, usually ended in wreckage. However, despite these setbacks, the Wrights had an incredible tenacity and resilience that allowed for them to continue working toward their hopes and dreams. Eventually, in 1901 the brothers activated their most eminent flight yet in Kittyhawk, North Carolina where their artifact remained in the air for a short, but successful period of time. Furthermore, although her tale did not involve the same flying mechanism as that of the Wright brothers, J.K.

Rowling soared herself with the broomsticks from her lauded Harry Potter series. Notwithstanding her current wealth and status today, initially, Ms. Rowling started off as a single mother, struggling to support herself and her daughter on inefficient welfare. One day, while on a train ride from Manchester to London, J.K.

Rowling was inspired to create one of contemporary literature’s most gallant heroes, Harry Potter. More over, J.K. Rowling in between working and mothering wrote at home and in several cafes, until she completes her first manuscript. Harry Potter traveled from one publishing company to another, repeatedly rejected, until the late 90’s when Scholastic agreed to publish her book. J.

K. Rowling soon became one of the most credited children’s writers in the worlds, selling millions of copies worldwide. The words of Thomas Paine easily ring true with the many hardships and successes of the Wright brothers and J.K. Rowling. Though the Wright brothers had many bumps on the road toward their vision of man flying, the two’s dreams had been surprisingly clairvoyant, establishing the primary prototype for today’s modern airplanes.

J.K. Rowling’s pride derives from her own “Cinderella” story, a true tale of how a single welfare mother transcends her own poverty independently to become a celebrated author and benevolent philanthropist with the publishing of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.