"The American Dream"

The American dream: a reality to some and just a fantasy to others.

Many immigrants have migrated illegally to the United States with high expectations, in attempt to discover this so called “American Dream.” Once here this dream soon begins to fade away due to the fact that they have no legal documentation; with no legal documentation the highest point of education is a High School Diploma. I once read an article entitled “The American DREAM should become real For the Immigrant Youth.” The title says it all. Four states have begun to take steps on the immigration issue attempting to make laws which will allow students who weren’t born in the States but raised here to be eligible to go to state colleges or universities to further their studies. I believe this is a quite fair and reasonable idea to allow all of those illegal students whom were raised here a chance to go to college.

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I strongly believe other states should propose this idea/law. I can personally speak on this issue because I have a friend who was raised here in the states but was born in Mexico. His parents brought him over here illegally at a very young age in search for a better future for him. He is an intelligent student who challenges himself with AP and Honors courses and keeps an A average in all of them. He is also in the top ten of his class and has received many academic awards.

Even though he is an intelligent student, college is not an option for him not because he can’t get in but because North Carolina is not one of the states who have proposed the idea of illegal students to take the next step after high school and go off to college to further their studies. It is quite depressing to know that such a bright student could have such a dark future just because he was not able to attend college for being illegal. Every one deserves a chance to better their future, so why not allow illegal students a chance to go to college and do something with their lives. The “American Dream” shouldn’t be denied to anyone, especially someone who has spent their entire life working to reach a goal that is not all that reachable. I believe any immigrant who was raised in America deserves a chance to better themselves and possibly better this country, documentation or not.