The Barbie Girl Video

The speaker in the Barbie girl video is Christly, a junior from Henry college. She is addressing over 50 students in a college about the body image. This has become her routine as she seeks to respond to the overriding societal problem in America about the body image and self-esteem. For a long time, Christly herself suffered from the problem of the body image at a tender age. She experienced a haunting condition in which she would fall and pass out for a minute or two. This condition made her think negatively of herself.

With every negative thought, her condition worsened, making her a client of multiple counselors. She starts her presentation by asking the audience if there is something they wish to change about themselves. The students reply in the affirmative, confirming the deep problem of self-perception and esteem in the American society. Core to this problem is the body image, compounded by the prevalence bulimia, an eating disorder. Christly uses her creation, a girl named Barbie and how Barbie sees herself. She further uses a video, in which a TV star undergoes a facial transormation for a commercial.

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In the presentation, Christly seeks an answer to the problem of body image. She poses a fundamental question: who is to blame for the obsession with particular shapes that Americans hunger after? The usual culprits emerge; parents, media and schools.For Christly, however, the problem lies within the individuals. It boils down to your understanding of self, accepting who you are, and appreciating your unique potentialities and features. However, while self-love is ultimate, the society should equally understand and help those struggling with self image.

So what does Christly see as the steps towards achieving a healthy body image? After self-acceptance, it is important to do what is important and valuable to you. It is also important to help others, as this will highlight to you the fact that we all have shortcomings. It is equally pivotal that we connect with others for support. At the end of the day, it is the inner beauty that counts, and not what the world thinks about us. Christly overcame her problem by stifling her negativities, while emphasizing her strengths.

Christy’s presentation is captivating and timely. The audience identifies with her message and keenly follows the presentation. Equally, her presentation is convincing, based on the statistics she uses. On media priming, she uses a convincing video, completely transforming the face of a TV personality. Lady Gaga she opines, does not identify with what the artists finally make her look like for commercials.

The fact that over 160,000 children miss out of school daily, due to poor concept of self, as a result of bulimia is worrying enough. This condition further affects over 11 million Americans. 80 % of American children, aged ten years, are constantly worrying about their body image.More credibility to the presentation ideas come from the fact that the speaker is a former victim of poor self-image and went through the lows of the consequences. She rose from the shambles of negative self-talk to take control of her inner self. Her story shows the benefit of self-resolve to conquer an attitude.

In addition, Christy completes her presentation in the words of singer Bruno Mars, “you are amazing just the way you are”,.