Video Producing

In the catagory of video editing, there are many things to learn.I’m just going to tell you a little about some types fo editing.

Particle editing, chroma keying (green screening), transition editing, ect. Particle editing is nice. UYou can put explosives, lasers, and stuff like that. It takes ea long time, but looks awsome. You can add sound effects to make it more realistic.

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Chromakeying, you see it in the news. You see moving images in the background, bout really it’s either a green or blue cloth behind the pople. The producers edit the green or blue into whatever they want in the background Transistion editing, one of the most common and easiest types of editing, is a great way to go to another video/image. You go to the next type of image with effects. For example if could pop next to the video, fold into a shape and fly away, or zooms into the video.