Human Milk Producing Cows' (Science Research Paper)

Instead of average cow’s milk 300 cows’ in China, after having cloned human gene’s mixed within their embryo’s and their own DNA, are now producing near enough human milk. Holding the same nutrients as human’s. Including the nutrient lysozyme, a protein that fights off bad bacteria and improves an infants immune system early on in life; plus two other proteins.

In the hopes to sell an alternative GM version of baby formula in at least the next ten years. The creators of these cows’ are the main benefactors of their own work, possibly soon, if it lifts off, to racket in profits from those desperate enough to buy it. Who I assume are unable to produce their own human milk, at all! Those purchasing would also be benefiting from this as the lack of the ability to produce human milk is not known to be uncommon and many women feel as if they can’t or literally are having great difficulty doing so. Though a ‘product’ such as this would be met with quite a controversial audience. Many who would want it, though uncertain whether to feed their babies on GM milk.

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In case of any side effects or unknown long lasting damage that may occur. As well as the humongous assortment of animal lover’s, among others, who would be abhorred at the unnaturalness of the situation. Sickened at the thought of tampering with nature and taking away the right’s of one mother to nurture her child for another to take advantage so as to nurture her own. For another point, cow’s milk is known to be unhealthy and intolerable for a human’s consumption, especially in the case of lactose intolerants (further proof of its ill health effects for humans’), so the question is: as the milk is 100% human, and we can’t even take their milk without receiving health problems, will the calf be able to drink its own mum’s milk now it is near enough human? And another, more pressing, question. Does anybody care as long as we get ours? They are only going to be slaughtered for their flesh and bones anyway – right?! Who in this world would bat an eyelash besides the fact that it was a GM product. If it was natural cow’s milk everyone would be just as happy to take it so my thought’s are, would they care either way? And what is wrong with a society which cannot bring itself to care at all?!