Pigs Possessing Human Organs (Scientific Research Paper)

In pig-to-human organ transplantation there has always been a problem due to a certain enzyme pigs’ possess, to which our human bodies cannot accept or handle, and so it rejects it. In these few pigs’ mentioned, however, created by two separate researchers: Randall Prather (University of Missouri) and the Scottish company to blame for Dolly the Sheep, that enzyme no longer exists. Making it safe, possibly, for human’s to steal their organ’s. Yet further research into this must be performed it is a huge possibility for these pigs’ in our near future to become our very own organ factories. 108,000 people on organ donation waiting lists in the US would benefit alone; not to mention the many other millions across the Globe. Yet with NHS quickly disappearing from nations (such as the UK) and this being something so workably unique, would it, if priced, be a fair price? Or would hospitals permitting them grossly over charge for pig instead of human transfers? Being, as far as we know, a hundred percent safe to use inside a human body.

Pigs who would be bred for organ transplanting would most likely be on a healthy diet with a lot of exercise (if those raising them are smart) which compared to a human who has possibly been smoking for 20 years or has had knocked back even the occasional glass of wine, or been known to have behavioural defects seems a much better bet for a healthier and safer organ. So of course there is something to be made out of this. There is always something to be made! And I sincerely doubt that those in Governmental Financing ever miss a trick. So for the most part I would assume this to be possibly grossly over charged. On the other side though, completely unaware if there is or isn’t a price at stake the very fact that they would use another creature, so innocent and unable to fight, to unwillingly be subjugated to such finite tests to grow, like a lab, an alien species parts inside of it. Only to be then ripped out and gutted and then have its empty carcass sold to meat and candy makers for its flesh and trotters (

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Without even getting to experience or feel what it is to live!