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“Disruptions to an ecosystem can be disastrous to all organisms within the ecosystem”(“Ecosystems – Geography For Kids – By”).There are so many little different elements that can make ecosystems very complex; however, if you pay attention to the little things that can affect ecosystems they actually can have an impact on them in a drastic way. It can start as little as a native animals leading all the way up to a massive natural disaster.

Animals are the main source of the ecosystems. According to the “Definition of Invasive Species,” when something “unwelcome” that doesn’t belong causes major competition in the regular way of life. There are so many ways the effect from invasive species and natural disasters can alter human’s natural lifestyle. Ecosystems consists of many living organisms that affect their natural surroundings. Many of these combined are referred to as biomes.

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All living things must adjust to their environment, but every once in awhile invasive species start to take over or invade(Caldwell). They are considered as unwelcomed species; native to our ecosystems that cause environmental harm or harm to human health. One small example of the impact of destruction they can cause was in New York and in Chicago thousands of ornamental trees have been destroyed casting several millions in attempt to get rid of these invasive species(“Invasive Species.”). Research shows that worldwide, we have spent 1.

4 trillion dollars trying to keep invasive species out while keeping them in their original living space, rebuild from damage, getting rid of them, and many other reasons. What most people do not know is that we can actually relate to this. Many have begun to hear rumors around our area about the invasive species starting to come in. There have been 25 non-species that have made their way into our lake since the 1800. That may not seem like a lot, but they can have a big impact on us. The most well known to our type of area are the Asian Carps.

They are ingesting small water and plant life which leaves none for the rest of the fish. If they get into our lakes they will eventually start to destroy tourism in a chain of events starting all the way down in the water(“Ecosystems – Geography For Kids – By”). Before the Asian Carps started to elope we all heard of the well known Zebra Mussels. At first they were good for out water: cleaning out our water of bad substances, but now it is a different story of trying to eliminate them (“Invasive Species.

“). Now that the water is getting to clear, the rays are hitting the plant life at the bottom of the lake. The plant life is beginning to grow and flourish at a fast rate. It is changing the whole ecosystem underwater and the mussels are affecting humans way of life on the lake. Spirit Lake is doing well at keeping them out, but you never know what can happen. What happens to life after a natural disaster? If the habitat of species, animals or plant life is changed by an event such as a forest fire, the systems changed and needs to sustain itself by natural means or human interactions.

The animals will have move on to where they are able to survive. This is known as a short term period, a very fast process. It involves events like forest fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc (“Ecosystem.”). Things that take a longer time, long term period, would be tectonic plates, glacial retreat, and sea level rising. Some animals might take more or less time to react to change.

If some species can’t keep up with the fast changing lifestyle they might become extinct quickly because they can’t adjust to what is happening unlike the stronger species. Our ecosystems are so complex, but full of interesting ways of life. Scientists up to this day are still studying the little things in nature that are hard to pick out, especially the marine life. Humans and animals have experienced the major causes of effects to the ecosystem hands on. It is important that we preserve our ecosystems and make sure they are a healthy environment for all living things. One way to do this is to focus on keeping invasive species out.

We don’t realize how many of them are changing our lifestyles everyday. Humans are doing a good job by tracking natural disasters, which is the second major element in the physical events in all ecosystems. In years time we will develop better technology to prepare us to keep the people of the world safe. The world will be around for so much longer. So it is important that we keep our world in good shape so life can continue on for many millions of years ahead of us. Works Cited Caldwell, Elizabeth.

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