The Beginning

The first important day of my school career starts with the only way to start school. To be born, when I came out that was the beginning of everything I was born in Oregon then moved to Virginia after a couple months. I went to Pre-k when I was little and it was fun and I did what I want.

I was on the playground one day and this girl came up to me and said that she was my cousin and as a little kid I was like, “really? cool” and thought nothing of the situation. Nearly every day she would come out and say bye and kiss me on my head, but now I realize that she was not my cousin because I have never seen her ever again. I went to kindergarten and I was a little trouble maker. I would always be sent to the principal’s office due to being disruptive. I would always go to the Principal’s office during field day because I would always get angry and fight or yell and cause trouble. During my Kindergarten year I told this girl I would kill her mom and she said, “not if I kill your’s first” and we were sent to the principal’s office and we were not allowed to be in the same class until 3rd grade.

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I barely made it through my kindergarten year because of my trouble making. It was a tough year for me due to me wanting to win all the games we ever did and if I lost i would be angry and give my teacher a hard time. 1st grade was better I got into less trouble but I remember when I got the worksheets from the teacher I would race to be the first one finished because apparently I did not want to lose in anything. I remember from 1st grade I got my hair buzzed due to a bad haircut and I again did not attend field day because of being a troublemaker. I remember from 2nd grade that I did not attend field day again because I always got in trouble and there were reading groups and I was put in the lowest reading group due to my struggle to read but through the year I got to the middle reading group through hard work.

I also met my two best friends through 2nd and 1st grade and they are Paris and Jose. I excelled in math with good grades in math and my reading started to improve. 3rd grade was a great year for me educationally. We had these parties where we brought in food for ourselves and a book and read all day they were great and I probably never read due to me being distracted. I would just talk about the book I would read rather than read it.

I loved reading this year because it was so much fun and I had time to. I learned to play the recorder this year and now I know nothing about it. Paris, Jose and I made a song where we just said meow and thinking back on it that was so funny. I read so much third grade due to my teacher love reading and wanting us to be smart. In elementary school if you read enough, took a quiz, and depending on how well you did on the quizzes you got points based off your score, and if you got a lot of points the teacher would take us and buy small things for us with her money. She really helped my reading because I read at a 1st grade level and I left reading 5th to 6th grade level.

I have never been an amazing English student but she help me be good at reading and I am glad she helped me because it opened so many doors for me. If I did not have her I would still be behind on the reading level.