The Big Bad Coaster

Usually people think that roller coasters that are gigantic, go rapidly fast, and whip you around corners is experience you would want to live over and over again because of the rush. I thought that too considering it was my first time ever being on a roller coaster – let alone a Disney roller coaster.

My family and I were at one of the Disneyland parks in Floridasometime in February in 2007. We have been wanting to go on this ride since all 6 of us had first arrived at Disney, which was earlier that morning. There was no particularly reason; just that it was gigantic and looked like an experience that would always be fun to look back on. Because it was Princess and Pirate night at Magic Kingdom almost every person in the park was dressed up, including myself. When I was 6 I loved princesses so I was dressed as Snow White, including the crown she wore, and red glittery shoes.

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I could feel my stomach twisting inside of me as I sat down on the frozen metal seat, around 7:00pm. Why was I doing this, my nerves were out of the roof and I was a shaking mess. I only had enough courage because I knew that my brother’s would brag to me about how much fun it was, if I didn’t ride it. A thick but calm voice rumbled through the speakers, “Please keep your arms and legs in the cart at all times, and have fun!” I looked around to see if someone was going to make sure the buckles were properly on, but nobody ever came. That built up more of my nerves, but that was soon replaced by the excitement of the ride taking off. My hair flew backwards, whipping the person behind me.

My hands were as red as a cherry, and I could feel the horrible sensation of getting frostbit. The bar we were holding on to was in the front of the cart, was frozen over from the lack of warmth. The sky had a mist of gray covering it, and the temperature was plummeting each minute. The ride swung us around a corner that felt like it barely left enough room for the carts to get through. All of a sudden the cart jolted us around another corner making our spines twist from the sudden action.I starting slipping out of my buckle, but I didn’t think much about it.

I was trying to catch all the scenery around us, but the roller coaster was going so fast I could barely make much out. We were inside a cave that was a dark brown color with flaming red torches scattered around. The smell of sawdust and rocks would always creep into your nose. But halfway through the ride would bring you outside for a quick second, then it goes back into the cave. The ride started picking up speed and I saw the light coming from outside.

I was having the time of my life and that’s when it happened… the coaster made a sharp turn has we went outside. My hands were off the bar trying to re-adjusted my crown that was slipping off; in no time I was at the bottom of the cart’s icy cold floor, that was covered in gunk.

My arm swung out of the cart, while my other arm was holding on to the bar above me for dear life. I looked below me and in my brain it looked like a 100 foot drop, my heart stopped. What am I going to do! Am I going to fall to my death, will someone pull me back up? All I saw below me was water and rocks, I wanted to scream but nothing came out. I felt a pair of hands who I suspected were my dad’s grab onto me, and in no time I was sitting back on the seat.The rest of the ride was a blur, the image of me almost sliding out of the cart kept giving me the chills. The ride had come to a halt, I felt like a ghost not knowing what to do with myself.

I stood up slowly still trying to gather my thoughts. I was still terrified from this experience but I also was angry with myself. I could’ve gotten extremely hurt just because I didn’t want to lose my crown. In that moment I decided that I was going to follow the rules of things, even if it met loosing something as silly as a headband, or as important as a friend.