The Bullying Needs to Stop! – Narrative Essay

The Bullying Needs to Stop! “Mom, I’m tired of getting picked on,” is a common phrase among children. Most of those children get stressed or have suicidal thoughts from being bullied.

Many kids who bully others are struggling themselves: failing classes, getting abused at home, etc. They only think about themselves and that’s why they take it out on other people; innocent people. I think bullying is being taken too far. Many kids handle being bullied by just killing them self. Even though the predator of bullying is struggling with their own problems or having a hard time, they don’t know what the victim who is being bullied is going through.

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Many children get stressed when being bullied. When first being picked on, kids don’t do anything; they just block it all out. Then it starts to affect the victim who is being bullied; they start to get stressed. When stressed you start to fail some of your classes; your grades change, you start to act as you’re a whole new person—-no one notices it. When you are stressed, you start to not really care about anything anymore. You just do what you want to do.

Then the next stage after stress is depression, which leads to suicidal thoughts. “I’m tired of living, I just want to die,” is what many children say to themselves when having suicidal thoughts. Many suicidal children have these thoughts because they are being bullied and no one is doing anything to help or stop the bullying. “Suicide is the third leading death of young people because of bullying,” (Bullying Statistics). Kids who get picked on and bothered go through depression; there are many signs of depression.

A majority of kids that get picked on have a hard time sleeping or can’t sleep because they are being bullied. They also stop eating or won’t eat —– basically starving themselves. Another signs of depression is when children start to physically abuse themselves: cut their self, try to hang or strangle themself. Some children even cut their hair which is also physically abusing themselves. This is when the parent starts to actually realize what’s happening with their child.

Many adults don’t see anything wrong with bullying; in their eyes there is nothing wrong with it. They’re incorrect because it is harming their child in multiple ways. The parent of the bully usually doesn’t have a problem with their child doing it; thinking nothing’s wrong with bullying. The parent of the child who is getting bullied doesn’t pay attention to their child enough to care or notice that they are getting picked on every day. There are many ways parents can help with bullying.

If the parent sees the bullying they could stop it there and solve the problem, talk to their child and help bring up their self-esteem, and talk to the child about school asking things like; how was school, (National Crime Prevention council). These things could help with stopping the bullying. Bullying is a crime. Kids who get bullied go through stress and depression. They start to think about suicide and that is never ok.

The main problem is no one is helping this so called “crime.” We need to help prevent bullying before it gets taken even further then it has been. There is a law in some states that say bullying is murder and you can go to jail for it. Kids who usually get bullied are bullied because of how they dress or because they are a “nerd.” No child should be treated this way because of their intelligence or their clothes.

This is why bullying needs to be put to a stop.