The Changes of School

Whatever happened to crayon stealing drama, not boyfriend stealing drama? And what happened to math without the alphabet? What happened to being ‘fake’ meaning you weren’t really injured, not being a stupid s***? What happened to nap time, not free period? What happened to gym class being games played with Nerf balls, not actual sports? What happened to passing notes, not crude Facebook messages? What happened to permission slips to watch PG movies, not for Sex Ed.? What happened to ‘cutting yourself’ meaning an accident on Arts and Crafts day, not being emo? What happened to ‘good music’ meaning anything that came from Disney, not having a competition to see who likes the weirdest artist? Whatever happened to mean teachers being ones that made you stay in during recess, not stay after school? How did ‘big books’ go from 60 pages to 500 pages? What happened to needing a quarter to buy lip gloss in a bathroom, not tampons? Why did CD players being cool to iPods being amazing? What happened to ‘indoor lunch’ meaning watching movies, or playing in the gym, not trying to sneak outside anyway? What happened to dating being holding hands during lunch, not making out during lunch? How did getting cooties change to getting STDs? Why did bringing babies to school used to mean dolls, now it means actual children? So what I’m saying is, don’t beat yourself up about the small stuff in school, because everything can change so quickly.