The Choir Experience

The chairs are temporarily empty. But the audience knows that the band and the choir are officially on route in full force. They finally surface and there is much to observe.

The choir is what you expect. A handful of brave boys with a group of angelic girls make up the Jr. High Choir. Something is rather odd about this choir; they are as pale as the moon. Perhaps the white uniform of a white shirt and socks somewhat noticeable were the main contributor. They finally start and the first note is beautiful.

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The choir is good at what the choir teacher has taught them. They have the slightest mistakes that their teacher quickly and efficiently irons out. The choir is rather good at what they do or the teacher has a great recording behind them. The band decides they want to have some of the glory as well. The choir walks off the platform, eager to give the limelight up. The band is marvelous, if not outstanding.

The trumpets, saxophones, and clarinets speak of the good teaching of the director in front of them. The drums and cymbals outline the hard work only hours of practice can produce. The band finally finishes and the crowd applauses and disperses, glad it’s over.