Aspiring Vet Experience

The fast wind hit my face from the front seat of the car. My cat meowing with deep agony in her voice. The music blaring so loud that I barely can hear what my father had said ,but I knew today would be different.

We entered the parking lot of the cream white building with giant bubble letters saying “Saginaw Pet Care.” I held my cat as if she was a infant swaddled in a soft blanket. We entered the building and the fresh clean air punched our faces with swift wind. ” Go sit down Sean, I will fill out the paperwork.” My father exclaimed with a smile on his face.I sit down with my queasy cat in my arms.

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“Oh Mia, it will be alright it’s just a visit” I exclaimed to my cat realizing that I’m talking to being that can’t talk back. We waited in the room for about 20 minutes until a voice called “Mia?”. We stood up and Mia awoke from slumber with a heavy-eyed look. We walk to the patient room with a weight waiting for us on the patient table. I put Mia on the weight and the nurse walked over and read the number ” Is she the runt?” She asked with a smile. I exclaimed “Yes”.

I lifted Mia off the weight and gently set her down on the patient table. My sister looked at the pictures of different diseases dogs and cats can get making a puking gesture. I didn’t mind them they didn’t gross me out but made me remember what my dad had told me before ” if you can look at wounds without a muscle moving you can be a doctor”. The vet walked in with a warm welcome and a clean smile on her freckled face. She gently wrapped her hands around Mia to pick her up and check her heart. She then put her back down on the table and checked her ears and mouth.

“Everything looks fine” the vet exclaimed. The vet then asked questions to my father about her date of birth, her age, and where we got her. Although I did hear some questions I didn’t pay attention to most of them I thought mostly of what it would be like if I was a veterinarian. I imagined the dogs and cats in the waiting room barking and meowing, begging for a doctor to help them. I would be there helping them and writing prescriptions. Then I thought of the heart-ache of putting an animal down and watching the animals begging for their life to be saved.

Once I left my nightmare of a day dream the vet appointment was already over. My dad was standing and heading out the door. I rush to get up and get out the door. Then it struck me what if the dogs weren’t begging for me to stop helping them, what if they were asking for a hero. I could be there hero.

This may sound like a job of heart break and misery, but if you look past it you see the selfless people helping them and the giant hearts people have. This is what I want to do when I’m older. I may not make a difference to the world but I make a difference to those animals.