The Connate Impetus to Triumph

Of the billions of people that reside on this planet, every single one shares a certain sense of propinquity with the many others by means of innate impetus bestowed upon them at the genesis of their lives. Upon entering the world, each new person begins their journey to the top of the societal hierarchy: beginning at fledgling neophyte and culminating at sagacious erudite. As this quest to the apex of mankind begins, everyone needs a little succor to get moving along in the right direction. Some people who have near completed the journey will attribute this aide to a higher power, while others speculate this assistance as a quintessential case of serendipity. Nevertheless, these people are too oblivious to realize that they are giving credit to a fraudulent aide. The incognizance of society must be effaced by realizing the true assistance in completing this journey lying within mankind.

These people should be giving their kudos to the fabricator of humanity’s kinship: ambition. Ambition, the stimulating impetus that impels humans to an insatiable quench for success, lies within every human on this earth. Some contain more ambition than others do; however, every human must realize the direct correlation between the initiation of the journey and the nature of ambition. With ambition, there lies nothing that cannot be achieved; with ambition comes success. Success, the sentiment of pure satisfaction and bliss on receiving the desired result, is a commodity produced by the actions one pursues concerning getting what is wanted.

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Hence, ambition produces success through its quintessential transformation of a lukewarm bystander into an edacious omnivore. The voracious desire to achieve what is wanted produces itself within humans through ambition, and, eventually, concludes every journey with success. This desire drives one to do whatever it may take to achieve their goal, which presents an unbeatable recipe for an efficacious result. Henceforth, as one looks down from the acme of the societal hierarchy the question is this: whom will they attribute their success to? Some spurious hoaxer looking to claim all the glory, or the originator of the same insatiable desire that lies within every human being: ambition.