"There's Nothing We Can Do"

Whenever something difficult arises, most people give up. Whenever something is achieved, people think they’re done. But, that’s not entirely true, since there are a lot of things people can do to help and solve the problem or make the solution even better. Sure, it could take days, weeks, months, or even years.

Maybe, the problem cannot solved or helped at all. Who knows? But people will never find it out unless they try and give it their best. People can’t always say “There’s nothing we can do” and just leave every problem that arises in their lives behind and run away from trouble and since everything can be achieved by working hard and not giving up, “there’s nothing we can do” “There’s nothing we can do” has many flaws to it. First, people just give up without trying and say those exact sentence. However, when these people actually try something, they would be probably shocked at seeing the result. They’ll realize at the end that it was worth trying for.

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And, people will also realize more can always be done. Also, people in the past, present, and the future will always face challenge in their own lives and in that case, if people just keep dodging the challenge, wouldn’t they become cowardly and never face their worst fears? Also, when people say “There’s nothing we can do”, then it literally translates into “There’s nothing we want to do”. So, if people wanted to say that there’s was nothing that they could do, they are lying since there are plenty of things they can do and it’s just that they don’t want to do it and make things more complicated than things were before. As a result, they decided to come up with a lie, or an excuse, that would save them from doing all the hard work and actually working. And since many people around that single person telling them that lie are so oblivious, they trust that it’s true and start to believe that there really isn’t anything more to do to improve.

Most people saying this statement is doctors. Doctors usually say this to patients or his or her families when they think the patient’s time is up and that they are going to die and there’s no way around it. However, deaths can be reduced if doctors try harder and actually do something. While they’re speaking their “excuse”, the patient’s time is continuously passing by. Time doesn’t stop.

So, in a sense, the doctors are wasting time giving that excuse when they can use the same amount of time to try delay or cure the patient. It’s not wrong to say to the patient’s family that they need to bid farewell to the patient. But it’s wrong to say there’s nothing they can do anymore when they can actually say they tried their best and it’s up to the patient to fight off death instead. When people give up, they too know inside their heart that they are ashamed of themselves. So, they always make excuses. The most widely used excuses for doctors as well as many other people from around the whole world is this: “There’s nothing we can do”.

It’s not cannot, but would not. They wouldn’t do it just because if they try, they’ll need a little more strength and energy and most people is very tired and lazy after they accomplish things. So they don’t try afterwards and make an excuse that says that they are tired since they just accomplished something. Making those kind of excuses are just mere lies to the people around the person and to that person as well. If a person has a heart, they’ll be guilty of that excuse and probably be ashamed.