The Cuban Embargo

For almost an entire year, my life has been dedicated to my ROGATE project. I have done intense research for my presentation, dealing with the Cuban Embargo. The blockade on Cuba is extremely inhumane, as it does not allow needed goods to be brought into the country.

While the Cuban Embargo is a topic still under debate, I believe it is necessary to life the ban on Cuba. My hypothesis for my ROGATE presentation was, “The Cuban Embargo is inhumane and goes against a human’s natural rights; the United States should lift this ban to bring necessities to the Cuban citizens to regain peace within the United Nations.” In Cuba most modern medicine is not there. Food, clothes, and other necessary supplies have high costs, which most Cubans can’t afford. All of this stems from the Cuban Embargo.

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It was placed on Cuba almost sixty years ago to end the Castro regime. However, it has done nothing to end the regime. Yet, we still decide to continue this embargo. That is why I decided to do research on this complicated issue. In my ROGATE presentation I had to find first and secondary sources to support my hypothesis.

My first sources were a survey and interview that I conducted. My survey consisted of five questions having to relate with my topic, the Cuban Embargo. For my survey I asked the questions to fifty sixth graders who go to Woodrow Wilson Arts Integrated School. In my interview, I again asked five questions relating to my hypothesis. My interviewee decided to stay anonymous, but still answered my questions to the best of her abilities.

In conclusion, my results for my survey and interview proved my hypothesis to be valid. The students who took my survey, in a majority, agreed with my hypothesis. Furthermore, my interviewee agreed with ending the blockade on Cuba. I would like to thank Mrs. Ramirez for introducing me to ROGATE and ERIC. ROGATE is a program under EIRC, EIRC stands for Educational Information and Resource Center.

EIRC has multiple programs for their gifted and talented section. However, they specialize in many educational programs. Without ROGATE and ERIC I would have never been as involved in the history of the Cuban Embargo.