the difference between ignorance and clarity

Where there is certainty, there will always be a shrivel of doubt. It is up to the being whether they will allow themselves to succumb to the doubt over certainty, but a well-rounded thinker will see both for what they are. One being the truth and the other being a facade of what we want to believe.

Each day we stroll on the border line between the truth and what we have been told time and time again is the essence of reality itself. The untold and unseen illusion that is our own personal reality. We live our daily life in what we think is absolute certainty…. “The government will protect us”, “god is with us and will see us threw to the other side as we meet our fate”, “no need to tread carefully, for there are no sharks that dwell in these waters”. The question that so many are afraid of and so few can face is WHAT IF? What if the government fails? What if god can’t see us threw because we can’t face our sins?, what if drown or get bit? Certainty is only doubt in disguise. Certainty is merely a safety net for those who succumb to human nature and cower from what could potentially expose us.

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As is human nature as well is the fact that we only see what we choose to believe, and shut out the other 90 percent of the reality that we must face each day, each hour, and each minute. No matter what we have been taught; what knowledge we have gained; there will never be true certainty unless doubt is considered. For the truth lies between the dishonesty of certainty and the truth in doubt. Both certainty and doubt are forever bound together. One not existing without the other for the clarity in between the two is the difference between finding answers and living in ignorant bliss.