The Long Road Of Ignorance

In todays modern society, it seems as though teenagers and even adults are taking upon themselves ignorant actions which make them seem like less intelligent individuals than they truly are. Whether it’s blatant misspelling, or incorrect pronunciation of simple words, ignorance is spreading like a disease to this country, with its only goal to further bring down society another rung on the evolutionary ladder. If you go on any social media site, you’ll see that many people of all ages use abbreviations to seemingly simple words. Today “dis” is replacing “this”, “dat” is replacing “that” and any variation of the word “your” is being replaced by “ur”.

Many others cannot tell the difference between “your” and “you’re” and also “there”, “their” and “they’re”. Some might claim “But it makes typing faster and easier!1!”. Do you really want to seem like a complete buffoon just because you can type a message .02 seconds faster? In addition to this, some of these typing habits can become so ingrained into your mental dictionary that it becomes instinct to type that way. I myself am guilty of this phenomenon, for a great period of time, I instinctually typed “friend”, or any variation of the word, as “friendo”. It can happen to all of us, but how you deal with it when it happens it what defines us in this situation.

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I’ve heard many counter arguments in internet debates that were completely sound, but the credibility was completely taken away just because the person didn’t type correctly. Another milestone along this road of ignorant behavior is the mispronunciation of simple words. Far to many times have I sat in class, listening to my classmates read and hear them completely defile a simple word. While I think that not all students should be expected to be able to pronounce the word “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”, everyone should be able to say”ask” without people questioning why this person wants to wood cutting tool them a question. It’s also so so so very simple to learn how to pronounce a new word, you can just look it up on your phone, or even ask a friend or teacher for that matter.

The thing that really bothers me is that people who do this have a world of knowledge and possibility right at their fingertips. They all have the power in the world to become a genius, and yet they don’t. In the end, does it matter how you type? Or how you pronounce words? Or how large your vocabulary is? Is it those literal things that matter, or the principle behind it? We, as people, choose to learn. We choose our classes, we choose what we research, we choose how we act, how we type and how we speak. As mature young adults, the future is ours, and its up to us how we shape it. I won’t tell you to do anything covered in this article.

I won’t tell you how to type. I will, however, tell you to think back on your choices and to think as to which choice is the best one for you.