"the Dumbest Generation"

Each generation that is born and passes should “step up” and be smarter, work harder, and have an easier life than the past generations, and our generation should be no different. Not according to Mark Bauerlein author, of the Dumbest Generation (or don’t trust anyone under thirty.) every young adult who surfs the internet, or anyone (under thirty) who uses technology to make his life simpler is immediately categorized as the “dumbest” generation, I personally believe this to be untrue.

Bauerlein believes that we are the dumbest generation just based on statistics of how often and how long students do homework or study. Which is surprisingly low, Bauerlein does not point out the percent of students who studied for one hour or less and still passed their classes with a “c” or above. The study, conducted by a team at the Indiana University, Actually say that most students are not challenged enough in the classroom. The results of several surveys claims fifty six percent of the students said they put a great deal of effort into schoolwork, fifty five percent devoted no more than three hours a week for class preparation, and surprisingly sixty five of the students reported get A’s and B’s.(usa today) This means that the majority of the students surveyed did a maximum of three hours a day studying for their classes, and they still managed to maintain a fairly high average.

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(usa today) Their for dismissing Baurlein’s previous research on how little our generation studies, and how that makes us dumber than past generations. Bauerlein’s main argument about us in the “dumb” generation is that we use more technology that was not available when he was in his adolescent years. In the past every generation was more worried with socializing than schoolwork, so how are we different from the baby-boomers or the generation X’ers (“Slacker Generation”) in the past. The main difference is that we can be socializing all day with our phones and computers, but that is not all technology is used for. There are growing numbers of online colleges or classes which can get you a wide variety of degrees such as, AACSB Business, Accounting, Accelerated, Associate, Bachelor, Criminal justice, Doctorate, and more! (http://www.floridatechonline.com/) Another argument brought up in Bauerlein’s is that the technology that is greatly used is making our generation dumber because a high amount of young adults supposedly spend all of our time on social networking, like Face Book or My Space. This may be true but, the information on the internet is almost never ending. In the past you had to use a lengthy process to find information in a reference book. Where as it can take less than ten minutes to search something on a search engine. In my personal experience it is extremely difficult for most adults(over thirty) to even understand how most technology works, lets take video games for example. I have been told that if I play the games that my mind will be mush by twenty but, when they try even the simple video games the cry out in frustration about how hard it is to play and how they don’t understand how it could be fun.

I am not saying that playing video games will make you smarter but think about this, there is no video game that does not make you think. I believe that they can teach basic problem solving and greatly increases hand-eye coordination. Technology gives great luxury in our lives, but doest it really make uor generation dumber? Bauerlein thinks so, I strongly disagree, but the decision is yours.