The Economy Today

Admit it, the world economic crisis is rather worrying. In one way or another, it has somehow affected you too. Whether it was something drastic like losing your job or something not so major like having to cut back on dinners in expensive restaurants, it has, in one way or another affected your life and not in a good way either.

There are all kinds of doomsday scenarios going around and on top of that a lot of people don’t believe in full recovery before 2012. And no, the Mayans have nothing to do with that one. Either way, until the economic crisis is over, everyone feels quite uncertain of things. They may lose their job practically any second, or their business could go bankrupt. Then, their whole life could fall apart.

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In my dad’s company there seems to be some issues as well. People losing their jobs, in the hundreds. My dad could be the next one any second. If that happens, our whole life could fall apart. We would have to say goodbye to a great school, great neighborhood and may be even college for us kids.

It would be exceptionally hard to survive. Once you get a taste of luxury and not having to worry about something costing too much, the prospect of losing it scares you. Losing it will probably terrify you. I know it would terrify me. I don’t know, it seems to me that before this, most people took their jobs for granted and they had few worries about anything.

Now, I see people’s parents losing their jobs all the time, I see people moving away for new job opportunities and leaving their life behind. I see fear and chaos caused because of this crisis. No one’s safe anymore. Not employees, employers or their family. This is an international disaster.

If we don’t come out of it soon, it may take a turn for the worst. And no matter what some people are saying, we’re most likely not going to come out of this soon. So brace yourselves people, this is only the beginning.